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HOTEL IS NOT DISABLED FRIENDLY! We walked up to the desk and were greated when the reseptionist was ready. All checked in, we were given our room key and told the direction to go. Room 906. After a 200 meter walk and down three flights of stairs we arrived right at the back of the hotel to our room. I walked in to a single bed and the double bed was up some stairs in our room!! This may not bother some people but we both suffer mobility issues. We did have a bit of a laugh because it looked like a child’s tree house but it doesn’t suit anyone with disabilities. We went back to reception where I raised my concern and asked for a room change, reminded them that on their website it states they have a lift. He proceeded to take us to one of the ‘new room’s which was again, down stairs! He said "its ok because it’s only one floor down and it’s a brand new room". The stairs still had the plastic cover on!! Health and Safety issue right there. He assumed my mobility issue was because my arm is in a sling, that is not why I wanted to move rooms. Back to reception we went, He finally found us a room on the second floor where we could use the lift but it still required us to go up 6 steps. Room 209. The room was brand new and we were shattered and couldn’t be bothered to change again, so settled. The room itself is lovely. Smaller than the old ones but nicely decorated, it was bright and comforting. More than one tea bag would have been nice though… Asked for ironing board. Never came. BATHROOM bathroom was nice and clean. Liquid soap by sink, shampoo in shower and two shower caps. Shower leaks all over the floor so be careful when you get out. They only give two towels, so you have to use your towel to wash your hands after using the toilet. I had to wait for my partner to finish with his towel so I could wrap my hair up because the hairdryer isn’t powerful enough to dry my short hair. Shower is very simple to use and gets very hot. We were awoken by elephants in the room above at 730am. As we were awake so early we decided to try out the free breakfast that came with the booking. We asked reception where the breakfast area was as there aren’t clear signs. Without answering my question she told us we had to pay. I told her that it was already paid for with the booking and she gave us a slip to take to the breakfast area, after I asked again where it was. We arrived at the area with no greeting so we placed our things at a table and started to help ourselves to toast when a man that was very annoyed came over and asked for our ticket. This happened to many people while we were eating, walking in with no idea what to do because the instructions are very unclear/non existent. I was expecting a continental breakfast…. we got brought a plate with one croissant, a slice of ham, cheese in a packet, fruit salad and a yogurt. We could then help ourselves to toast and cereal. Not really what I was expecting… and not the best or fresh. When the waiter brought fresh bread.. he placed the old bread at the back and the new in the front. Not a smart move as the bread at the back was probably out all morning. The cereal was also uncovered. But the unlimited coffee machine was lovely. TV was good and has loads of channels. Huge screen and a smart TV so you could watch Netflix, iPlayer etc.. but the internet doesn’t work. I wouldn’t stay again and if it wasn’t for checking in so late and being so tired I would’ve looked for another place to stay after seeing the mess on the way to the first room. I don’t care if they’re in the middle of a refurbishment. A standard level of tidiness and decency should be maintained.