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First off, I would like to say the first 15 minutes of the jetski session was great. The waverunner was fast and I was having electricity journal a blast. What happened after is why I’m writing this review unfortunately. Initially before the session, the owner told me the gas meter might beep because it was low in fuel but to not worry as I can just press the button to turn it off and also because I should have enough for half an hour. Having this in mind, as I was jetskiing I went over a small wave and after landing, I immediately could only go 5 mph maximum. For sure something thermal electricity how it works was wrong and I tried restarting the engine multiple times. A few minutes later as I was trying to slowly ride back to the marina, the jetski started beeping. I thought it was the fuel so I panicked thinking that I wouldn’t have enough fuel to get back if that was the case. Little did I know that there was a bunch of seaweed stuck in the z gas cd juarez telefono engine. I really wish I had seen a previous review that mentioned this, where she also experienced something similar. Had I known, I would’ve at least try to jump off the jetski and check the engine. I was about a mile away when this happened so as I was coming closer to the marina, I tried gas efficient cars 2015 to minimize the distance curving around the rocks just in case I was running dangerously low on fuel, or so I thought. This distance was about 50 feet. Bad luck happened next as the engine turned off completely. I was marooned in the ocean, slowly moving towards the rocks due to the current, with no boat or other person in the vicinity. I tried restarting the engine but was getting pushed closer and closer to the rocks. It was too late for me to jump out and try to push the jetski out and I got washed yoga gas relief pose up onto the rocks, eventually becoming stuck on the rocks. A very painful experience as I had to walk across sea urchins and all kinds of things to get back to the beach to let the owner know what had happened. Unfortunately, he thought I had intentionally recklessly driven onto the rocks and left it there. He was very upset and I understood that this is his business and will cost him money. However, as we both walked back to the rocks and tried to push the jetski back into the ocean, push/paddle it to a safer area, clean the engine (he told me it was the seaweed and made it seem like that was Jetskiing 101, making me feel like electricity 101 an idiot), and ride back, the owner was very condescending and unwilling to hear how everything happened. The z gas el salvador precios only thing he kept saying was that I was riding in the wrong area, too close to the beach (although there were 2-3 people who were riding about 200 ft closer when I was starting my session). Apparently he has cameras that pick up on this? I was confused because for more than half a mile I was riding at 5 mph trying to get back and was wondering if he could see me, then gas dryer vs electric dryer why didn’t he ride out to see if there was an issue? I’m sure people don’t jetski at that speed for half a mile… Anyways, it was just an unfortunate accident to hit some seaweed which got caught in the engine. The last time I rode a jetski was in Cabo where there was no seaweed at all so I didn’t know it could be an issue. I ended up having around 20 sea urchin splinters in my feet and multiple lacerations. The owner suffered a few cuts as well. When we got back to the marina gas nozzle icon, the owner inspected the bottom of the jetski, noting around 10-15 medium scratches due to the rocks. As I mentioned previously, the engine was perfectly fine once we took the seaweed out and there was no other major damage. That said, he immediately quoted me $1800 for all the damage. Just a quick 5 second inspection and a $1800 quote. Ridiculous! To his defense, it stated that in the waiver that I signed and initialed so I was legally binded to pay it regardless of how minimal the damage was. I’m not saying I didn’t scratch the jetski, but I for sure know that it is a bit sketchy that gas 101 a business can charge a minimum of X amount regardless of the damage. I believe this is so that they can actually make a profit from any damages that cost them less than $1800 to fix electricity lyrics. The waiver is written so that even if the jetski malfunctions or suffers any type of damage, even not from you, you are entirely liable. A scary thought in that if you come back from your session and there’s one small scratch, you will still have to pay the full $1800 regardless because that’s the minimum fine. Again, I’m not trying to justify that I didn’t do anything wrong. It was an unfortunate accident and bad luck. It’s going to take me a while to recover from the $1800. Pretty much ruined my trip but I wanted to post this for people looking to rent jet skis at Sapphire Beach. This will not happen to 95% of the people who end up renting jet electricity merit badge pamphlet skis. There are great reviews for this business and rightly so, but I wanted to share my true experience for others to learn and be aware. In terms of the waiver and any unforeseen situations, please please beware that the way it is written at Coastal Water Sports exempts them from pretty much anything. I understand if you’re racing your friend and ortega y gasset you crash, then you have to pay. I understand if you’re not paying attention and you ride onto the rocks, then you have to pay. But for my situation, it’s just hard to swallow what happened and yet I’m having to pay for the full damage fine like I purposefully rode recklessly. You can’t file a claim because Virgin Islands lets the businesses write mp electricity bill payment online bhopal their own waivers and make their own minimum fines. If you want to have a variety of options and look at multiple places, I heard that Coki Bay is very popular and has a better scene and also that Bolongo Bay q gastrobar leblon is great but that’s all subjective. For me I chose Sapphire Beach because it was the closest taxi ride from Red Hook. Thank you for taking the time to read this review!! I hope you enjoy your trip regardless of what you do and please be safe. Now you will know what to do if you’re ever in the same situation!