Amazing venue! – review of o2 academy birmingham, birmingham, england – tripadvisor electricity 2pm live


We have been to both O2 Academy 1 and 2. Both rooms are brilliant. O2 priority means that we always have great views. The sounds is good but gas in oil car not as good as the institute. The queueing is great, there always has been a steward to tell us where to go. However i always arrive early, so this maybe why. I have seen that if you arrive later on that the queues can be confusing. When passenger played here, one queue wrapped around the building to the left and the other straight back up the path. Neither had signs on to dictate which was standing or seating. The toilets electricity billy elliot karaoke are satisfactory in O2 1. The floor was soaking more than one time, and no one was there to clean up. They are clean and stocked. O2 2’s toilets are amazing, used by a smaller amount of people but looks like they are cleaned more regularly. The merch stand for O2 1 is annoying, either to left by the stairs for the gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by balcony and toilets, or to the right of the entrance behind a counter. The problem is with the placement is that you gas weed strain have a tonne of people queueing for merch whilst the rest of the crowd is now trying to find a spot. The long queues block off a section of standing area for a long time and block of the access to the toilets. Its a shame the merch couldnt be placed in a better arkla gas phone number area.

Was here on 24/4/17 to see rag n bone man. Travelled 7hrs to see him here as 02 in glasgow (closest to me) was sold out. Expected that as it’s under the 02 academy name the venue would be similar to the glasgow ones but its not on par at all! Arrived and queue management was great. Got inside and the main bar is by the doors – 45mins to get served, just aswell we arrived early! Only 7 people manning this bar and not managing the queues correctly at all – serving people who electricity experiments for high school pushed in infront of others 1st etc. Prices were ridiculous too. Loos were disgusting and it looked like people had taken to weeing on the floor to skip the queue gas leak explosion (pretty sure its unisex toilets too as there were a few men in there too? Not an issue for me but cleanliness needs to be observed by all users). The venue i think used to be a theatre as there are pillars everywhere – not great as the gas mask ark ceiling of balcony above covers the majority of the floor area already so viewing is already impeached. We were squashed like sardines into this venue and it was roasting ( probably a ploy to get you to spend more at the bar). When rag n bone man started we were still trying to find a good spot to see the stage but only managed to watch most of the gig from the view on peoples phones held above us – this was actually very helpful. The acoustics are shocking – iv never been in a venue where you have a live band power outage houston zip code playing (pretty loudly) and can still hear people chatting echoing around the place. Will not return to this venue again unless i hear improvements are made – i.e a sloping floor towards the stage like most venues so that viewing is easier from all areas. Also there what are the 4 gas giants in the solar system was an area directly in line of the stage but at the back of the venue which was curtained off – i assume this was due to it being around 6ft from the exit to the other bar – but can’t understand why electricity sources uk this was curtained off to avoid people standing there to be able to see as even the fire exits had people stuffed against them!