Amazrock water soluble colored pencil set watercolor pencil art la gas


This “new 2017 release” set of pencils deliver Rich & Vibrant Colors for Stunning Drawing Expression. Includes FREE Good-Looking CANVAS Roll Bag. Water Soluble Colored Pencil Set by Amazrock delivers stunning and brilliant colors for your drawing expression.

In wet application, the artist first lays down the dry pigment and then follows up with a damp paintbrush to intensify and spread the colors. This technique can also be used to blend colors together, and many artists will apply both techniques in one art piece.

These watercolor pencils present very unique and exciting ways for both novice & artists to express themselves and create beautiful works of arts easily. They give the novice & artists the best of both worlds of painting and drawing. That is why Water Soluble Colored Pencil Sets are very popular choices of purchase.

• Layering is usually used in the beginning stages of a colored pencil drawing, but can also be used for entire pieces. In layering, tones are gradually built up using several layers of primary colors. Layered drawings usually expose the tooth of the paper and are characterized by a grainy, fuzzy finish.

INTERESTING FACT – Watercolor pencil drawings are not permanent. Many professionals like this this behaviour as they can modify the drawing over and over again – shading, blending or intensifying the colors to their liking (once the the initial layer of water had dried, you can re-wet it and move it about again).

• Water soluble pencil set can be used without water first (like regular colored pencils). Next, you can use a wet brush to go over the colors to blend and push the colors around on the paper (similar to watercolor painting). The colors will intensify, as the pencil strokes on paper disappear, with the addition of water. The drawing will change into a watercolor painting alike as you continue to add water.

• A common way is to dip the watercolor pencil in a cup of water first before applying to the paper. It’s like having the precise control of a regular colored pencil but with the vibrant colors flowing onto the paper like a watercolor painting.

• Dip your brush in a cup of water and run it over the area to be worked on. Color can be added onto the wet surface with your watercolor pencil. Wet the tip of the pencil before going over the wet surface to get a more intense color. Please note that the colors may bleed together (especially when layers of water are applied on the paper).

• PREMIUM & PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – Suitable for artists. Beautiful and comes with a free Canvas roll bag to carry the pencils around. Amazrock wooden watercolor pencils uses a solid 3.4 mm soft core and vibrant color lead sticks, providing smooth coverage.

• 36 VIBRANT COLORS PACK – Contains High Quality Pigments. Can be used both dull to cover large areas or sharpened for details. Create timeless art piece with stunning color presentation. The pencils are designed to help you easily lay down layers and supple blends for both dry and wet artistic creations.

• QUALITY GUARANTEE – This quality watercolor pencil set is good for dry and wet artistic creations. Shade them on dry paper and apply a water wash or use water brush/cotton bud to get a watercolor look with unique blending effects. We are confident that you will enjoy our watercolor pencil set !