American muscle graphics mustang blue lemans stripes – 12 in. 26234g05 (05-14 all) – free shipping gas 2 chainz

Hey I’m Justin with and I’m checking out some of our AmericanMuscle Graphics Lemans stripes options available for all 2005 and up Mustangs. Lemans stripes originated on the race track back in the 50s and later Carol Shelby used them on his race cars as well. Eventually they found their way over to the production model 60s Mustangs, and of course the Shelby GT cars. These lemans stripes from AmericanMuscle Graphics are available in either an 8 or 12” width, and in your choice of either black, matte black, silver, white, red, or blue. All of our AmericanMuscle Graphics have been constructed from high quality premium cast vinyl, which will last for years without fading or peeling. Secondly, every one of our vinyl designs is test fitted on our own cars first, before being sent into production, ensuring a perfect fit on your ride every time. The install will take a little time so just be prepared, I will say that working with any vinyl can be a little tricky but we make it a little easier for you by breaking this kit down into three separate panels, and by including some very detailed instructions along with the kit. Before you get started, you will need some essential tools, of course we’ve got the soap and water mixture, a razor exacto knife, the included squeegee, some painters tape, and maybe a pin or a needing just to release any excess bubbles. This kit does require a lot of patience when it comes to the install, so that’s why we’re calling it 6 hours from start to finish, but don’t be upset if it takes you a full day. So while other cars might try and sport lemans stripes, I think there’s no denying they look best right here on a Mustang. So with that said, check out one of our many lemans stripes options right here at

I FIRST WOULD LIKE TO SAY I HAVE LAID MANY OF VYNEL GRAPHICS IN MY SHOP, AND I would also like to add there are defective vynel kits that are sold by mistake. I ordered this kit for my son for his birthday. I always use the proper solution and tools, not to mention the right environment I.E. IN CLOSED SHOP. I notice that the vynel was very very thin and some what brittle. After a a good cleaning of all the surface that I

would be applying the vynel to before my install. It was a nightmare. I couldn’t get the vynel to adhere to the surface with out it tearing. I laid another set on a different car from another vendor who also uses 3M vynel, and using the same solution. I’ll be the first to say I’m human and I do make mistakes. I’ll also admit when I make them. but in this case I did no such errors. I called to explain my situation and the guy just laughed over the phone as if I was idiotic, uncool. I didn’t catch his name at first when he said it at first. But after he took my situation as a joke I asked for his name again and wouldn’t give it a second time. so that’s my side of the story. I hope who ever buyes from here has a much better experience then I did. I’m big on costumer service. So I had taken the loss of the cost of vynel. It wasn’t my costumers fault the product was bad. Best of luck.