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DEBORAH BLUM: If you’ve ever watched a horror movie in which you had a victim in a dark and shadowy forest, you’re not a gas is a form of matter that afraid of what you see. You’re afraid of what you can’t see – what’s behind the trees, what might or might not be there. You know, a dark and shadowy gas 101 forest is a kind of visual manifestation of what a conspiracy theory might be – all these shadows gathering around you with unknown intent.

ABDELFATAH: Yeah, not all conspiracy theories are false, and not all are as, like, weird as, say, the theory that Elvis Presley is still alive or that we never landed on the moon, you know, especially nowadays – right? – when a lot electricity youtube of conspiracy theories seem politically motivated and kind of, you know, sinister. Actually, that brings us to the conspiracy theory that drew me into all of this.

ABDELFATAH: And then, on March 5, 1770, violence broke out. One day earlier, the city was 93 gas near me plastered with fake documents that described a British plan to attack the people of Boston. They were even signed with forged signatures of British soldiers. With all these rumors swirling around, tensions boiled over electricity kwh usage calculator. And on March 5, a mob of around 50 self-described patriots approached a few British soldiers who were stationed at a post.

ABDELFATAH: Sure, his theory was supported by some acts of British aggression. So it does make sense that, like, a random colonist might believe static electricity zap it. But if you read the news reports from that time – and I did find some – they’re really exaggerated, and the language used is straight out of Sam Adams’ playbook. Plus, they make it seem like the British were looking for a fight on March electricity 101 5, which wasn’t true.

ABDELFATAH: The thing that’s really fascinating is that after the American electricity in the body causes Revolution was over, the conspiratorial mentality that had been directed at Britain was then redirected internally. Everyone became suspicious of everyone else. And some people, like Sam Adams, worried that any national government would produce a new dictator, a new threat to their God-given autonomy. In fact, Washington and the power per kwh other Founding Fathers had to secretly meet to create the Constitution out of sight.

ABDELFATAH: It’s a good question. And I actually asked him a few times to really, like, try to understand. And I think, yeah, it was partly for fun – sort of an entertaining social experiment. But he was also part of the countercultural movement of the gas works park seattle ’60s and liked the idea of sort of catching people off-guard and forcing them to think beyond the words in front of them.

Daniel Ellsberg, by the way, would go on to expose one of the greatest real conspiracies of the 20th century. In 1971, he leaked the Pentagon Papers, which revealed that the Johnson administration tgask had repeatedly lied to Congress and the public during the Vietnam War. So it’s fair to say that Ellsberg had always been pretty suspicious national gas average 2012 of Johnson, more inclined to believe conspiracy theories about him.

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