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I had a policy with this insurance company for home insurance and into the 2nd year I noticed my bill went up from $3500 to $9000. This alerted me to call and find out why such a big jump. The guy on the phone told me it was because of hurricane Wilma yada, yada, yada. So for the past two years I paid $9000 for my home insurance. YES, I live in Florida..

In discussion with a colleague who works in the insurance business I enquired why do insurance companies suddenly up the amount after a hurricane. She kindly offered to look over my policy with me. Lo and behold AMERICAN STRATEGIC INSURANCE (ASI) had me in the wrong territory. I live no where near the beach yet I am placed in that territory. They also added on a lot of charges for stuff I did not have like I was charged for trampoline I have none…etc. I called several times at first the agent was very apologetic and said he would call the underwriter. Then he flipped and said there is no way I can prove that I am in the wrong territory and insurance companies use different territories so even if CITIZEN quotes me as not being on the beach that does not reflect on their system for territories.

So all in all guys they ripped me off for 2 years and when I called them out on it. They were not very helpful and refused to correct it or issue me a refund. Someone did not want to lose on their commission. I switched to CITIZENS by the way. Anyone thinking of using ASI please do your research on the policies the trick you into.

STAY AWAAAAAAY and Beware RIP OFF from ASI company. Their underwriter and IA are a con artist, bully, and a liar. Had a house fire on 06/27/2012 and up to now 10/05/2012 we still can not move back . They send you a check equal 1/3 what it costs for you to fix your house. When you confront with them, they said that’s will be enough for you to rebuild your home. They let you choose your own contractor but your contract has to familiar with working with the insurance so they can only pay them the industrial rate means very low pay. You will get what you pay: discount contractor =discount product means discount quality. Had a Public Adjuster but only get a run around for more than 3 months. They also ask you how much do you make? what do you do? where do you work? who is your employer? do you relate to your employer? what is your SSN mortgage payment, cable bill, telephone bill, electric bill, water bill, ..ect. Everything about your personal history. The only question they did not ask is how many time you have sex a week. Still waiting…

BEWARE!!! This company is HORRIBLE!!! First off I am really not one to write reviews but I do not want others to be scammed by this company. Wish I would have read some of these negative reviews before I made the decision to go thru with this awful insurance but I assumed (which I shouldn’t have) that since Nova home loans was affiliated with them it would be no problem. I made a claim and the insurance adjuster was quick to call back for my statement and after that it all went downhill… I was told she would call be back the following day and after a week I called her and left numerous messages and still no response. I then decided to call from a different phone number and sure enough she answered… She had promised again to call me back and 2 weeks went by and still no call, then I finally contacted them thru the website and messaged that I wanted to speak to her supervisor and what do know, I got a call back in less than an hour. How ridiculous!!! Anyway they denied my claim and sent me a letter canceling my insurance. These people are unbelievable! It seems like they are more than willing to take your premiums but once a claim is reported they deny it. They are voted one of the best companies to work for because they are probably scamming all of their customers and paying out great money to their employees.

I had my home built and I was in the Military when I had my home assured by ASI. I do not have a dwelling no attached to home…I saw that on my insurance when I was looking over my renewal. This made me look over the last two. Well home did I miss that in the second policy. I was livid. The told me they would reimburse me but they reimbursed me for only one month. I had the statement taken off and signed with them again. I was still expecting my reimbursement.. Well that never happened and I’d already signed the renewal. Well yesterday I received the policy for a renewal. But now I’m retired from the military and my attention to detail will will be a @iT$#!!! Thank you for you comments I have a month to shop for a new company…And I cannot believe USAA recommended them either…it makes me question them…Anyway my renewal made so many changed and excluded Sinkholes…The timing on that National Disaster and that change is suspect…But there was a long list of changes and now I’m actually trying to find out what they are covering…What the????!!!

ASI -NJ and it’s affiliate here, INSURANCE ANSWER CENTER, LLC, epitomize the worst in customer service, and shady business practices. The ONLY mailed correspondence I have received from the is notice of policy cancellation; their customer service rep is curt, unprofessional, and told me that the only notification required from them as a TELEPHONE CALL! That’s what I got from Ms. Hopkins when I requested copies of my policy and paperwork regarding their decision to cancel my policy, which was already paid in full, after their inspector did a visual inspection and discovered an "issue" with my roof . FYI, The ASI rep left a voicemail for me on a telephone number that is not mine, and when I pointed this out to their representative, Ms. Hopkins, her response was ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS A TELEPHONE CALL. Would be nice if they made it to the CORRECT telephone number AND followed it up with a written explanation before mailing out a cancellation notice. Nothing but problems and unprofessional- ism from this company. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

I too filed a complaint with the BBB a week ago and their response didn’t address my complaint. I’m contacting every government agency to look into their scrupulous practices. I I find it more than just coincidence that ASI approved a rate increase exactly one day after my policy went into effect on. Dec 2, 2013. They said the department of insurance approved the rate increase. I actually find it quite suspect and If the department of insurance approved a 27% rate hike than I want to see this. I have already contacted the The Department of Regulatory Agency (DORA) for Colorado as we’ll to look into what can only be described as a classic bait and switch tactic by a fairly large Insurance company to earn my business. There have been no major disasters to speak of since my policy went into effect and absolutely none in Peyton and Falcon Colorado where I reside for years. I completely understand the need to raise rates but based on their own response my replacement cost went up 1% and they raised my rates to the tune of 27%. I have never seen an increase anywhere close to this amount from any insurance company in my lifetime. When I called ASI to discuss this I was told that the reason for the increase was because of the no payout claim that I stated in my complaint and ASI didn’t even mention this in their response. I do not think an insurance company can legally raise rates this high because of a zero payout claim and without justification. There are several government agencies in place to protect the consumer and I will exhaust every one to make sure my rights are not being trampled upon and that ASI is operating in accordance with the law and policies of the State of Colorado. Nothing has changed with my home, my county or my circumstance to make me a high risk client since my policy went into effect to justify this steep of an increase.