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We took the trip to Sandakphu and Phalut during October 2015 by land rover. We had o gastronomo buffet booked the entire trip through a travel agent from Darjeeling before hand. We were picked up from NJP early morning and we reached Manebhanjan at around 12 noon. The trip actually starts from here. We shifted to a 1960s land rover which would take us to Phalut via Sandakphu. For those who have not visited, there is actually no proper road, its just a path made of rocks and the whole journey is very very very bumpy. We had decided to move upto Tumling on the first day and we reached Tumling around 3pm after having lunch at Chitrey.It was cloudy when we reached so no luck with the view of Kanchenjunga. The distance between Manebhanjan and Sandakphu is only 32km t gastrobar el tenedor but it takes over 4 hours by land rover, in spite of having a 5-6km good stretch of paved road after Tumling to Garibus.We stayed at Shikher lodge in Tumling. The hospitality was amazing and the food was also awesome. We got a good view We started next morning at around 11am (due to problem electricity wiki with our land rover we started late) and reached Kalapokhri at around 1pm. The weather was getting really bad and there was fog all around which had drastically reduced visibility.It started 66 gas station raining after a while and we managed to reach Sandakphu at around 4pm after having lunch at Kalapokhri. The weather cleared out a bit but still no luck with the view. To make matters worse, it started raining heavily at night. We were staying at Sherpa chalet and they provide good neat rooms and have electricity till 10pm. We were sceptical about u save gas station grants pass our chances of witnessing the sunrise next morning. We were woken up by our guide at around 5am and we were welcomed by an amazing view of the entire Kanchenjunga range along with Mt. Everest. The entire panorama could be easily seen, the only problem was the part of the sky from where sun was to come out was cloudy. Our guide took us to an amazing spot which is on top of a small hill which you need to climb. The sun slowly came out and we witnessed an amazing view. After spending some time there, we came back to hotel and started for Phalut. The weather again became q gastrobar cloudy and soon, the peaks vanished behind the clouds. The route from S’phu to Phalut is a trekkers paradise with gas laws worksheet answers chemistry all kinds of orchids, flowers,meadows all around to make your journey a memorable one. We even trekked for a short distance just to be in unison with nature (and also to get away of the bumpy ride). The road however became from bad to worse, actually after a while there is no road at all;not even rocks, its just plain mud with huge rocks in between which makes it impossible to drive any car. On top of that, it started raining cats and dogs after a while and land rover really struggled to move and we were pretty sure it’ll topple any moment. Our electricity multiple choice questions grade 9 driver was wonderfully skilled and he only knows how he took us to Phalut in that weather and in that road(or whatever it was). The distance between S’phu and Phalut is 21kms and its not steep and we expected to reach in 2.5 hours (lunch included) but it took us 4hours. We stayed at the only option(hut) available, trekkers hut, which has 5-6 huge gas constant rooms but no electricity. The view point is a climb of about 1KM and we made no attempt to go there that afternoon as it was raining heavily. Next morning, our guide woke us up. No one other than me was interested to go owing to the weather and it was cloudy outside. I went uphill gas laws definition chemistry with him and reached the viewpoint in about 15-20 minutes. There was no view as it was cloudy. Part of Mt.Everest was visible but no view of Kanchenjunga. There were few others who had come but everyone started to go back after a while;I decided to stay. And I was blessed by the Almighty for my perseverance. The sky magically cleared out and elektricity club there stood the might Mt.Kanchenjunga before me. The view is much much better than S’phu, you could feel as if you can touch the peak, it seems so close. I stayed there for over 2 hours , mesmerised and overawed by the beauty and might of the range. When we were coming down, I saw 2 of my friends come up. We stayed for a while and came down. We started at 10am and reached Tumling at 2pm where we stayed for the night. We had a nice bon fire at Shikher lodge. We started the following day for NJP, and it rained all the way from Tumling to NJP…I have had the industrial electricity prices by state chance of viewing Mt.Kanchenjunga from Darjeeling,Tiger Hill, Peling, Lungthang/Gnathang/Kupup in east Sikkim but there is nothing like the view we get from S’phu and more so Phalut…its a must visit place!!!