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The speaker’s rechargeable battery is good for about eight hours of playback, and fully charges from empty in about four hours. The battery pack is user-replaceable as well gas national average 2013. That’s a big deal because most portable Bluetooth speakers are rendered useless (or at least severely hobbled) when their battery wears down. The FM radio and battery combination also mean the Amico is nice to have on hand in the event of a power outage — you can still enjoy music, and get updates on what’s going on.

What about water resistance? Como Audio designed the Amico with a marine-grade plywood substrate and weather resistant teak. I used it outdoors in some gentle snowfall, it was fine after I brought it back indoors and wiped it down. According to the user manual: “Amico is weather resistant but not water proof. It should never be placed under running water or submerged.”

The Amico’s UI is probably the weakest link — at least when used directly on the speaker. Three rotating dials control interaction with system. There is a lot of ground to cover and power energy definition between rotating and pushing the three dials to drill into menus and make choices, it can get confusing. If you go too fast, sometimes the system is a step behind you. In one session, I was checking to see if there was a new software update, but somehow accidentally selected “Factory Reset.” I instantly pushed the MENU/SEL dial trying to get back to the main menu, but the system then displayed a YES/NO choice for that factory reset with YES selected by default gas out game rules. Then my earlier click registered, initiating a factory reset… That move wiped out all my presets, and the Wi-Fi connection, forcing me to restart from scratch.

If you want a portable wireless speaker with premium sound that supports multi-room audio and also Bluetooth, there are several excellent choices. Among those that I’ve tested, the Libratone Zipp and Ultimate Ears bp gas station MEGABLAST come to mind. Some of these options offer features like a waterproof design, extended battery life, onboard Alexa support and multi-driver configurations with 360-degree audio. They also cost less than the $399 Amico.

However, Como Audio’s Amico has some distinct advantages that help to justify its price electricity worksheets for grade 1 premium. The color display that shows album art and song info is unique and a very useful feature. The range of inputs and music sources is tough to beat, and the addition of FM radio is something you won’t find on many Bluetooth speakers. The audio is crisp and concise, with solid bass and plenty of volume. The ability to connect a $129 Amica for stereo audio — instead of having to buy an entire second speaker — significantly lowers the total investment required if you want a system that has the capability to play true two-channel audio.

And then there’s the retro design. The teak finish and aluminum knobs that rotate with a satisfying click make the Amico tough to resist, and reflect an approach that values craftsmanship, beauty and a high quality listening experience over mass market appeal. If you’re in the market for a portable speaker that can also integrate into a multi-room audio system, The Como Audio Amico is a solid choice — especially if you’re tired of plastic and touch electricity jokes riddles controls.