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• SCRAPE and DESTROY them! SCRAPE THOSE EGGS! Spotted Lanternfly lay eggs from September until the first frost. Walk around your property to check for egg masses on trees, cement blocks, rocks, and any other hard surface. If you find egg masses on your property from September to June, you can scrape them off using a plastic card or putty knife (Figure 3). Scrape them into a bag or container filled with isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer. This is the most effective way to kill the eggs, but they can also be smashed or burned. electricity history pdf Remember that some eggs will be laid at the tops of trees and may not be possible to reach. Every egg mass can contain 30-50 eggs which will hatch in the spring. Scraping and destroying eggs now is the best means of control. You are literally killing the next generation!

If you have a large property infested with Spotted Lanternfly and/or Tree of Heaven, and would like to add your property to the list for evaluation of treatment, please email or call 610-689-6000, ext. 222. * Please note: Funding is not yet in place. gas prices going up Final determination of properties to be treated will be made by representatives at the Berks County Conservation District.

Insecticides can be contact, systemic, or both, and may vary greatly in the length of control after application (i.e., residual activity). Contact insecticides kill SLF when the chemical contacts the insect as a direct spray to the adult or nymph, or when the pest walks over a surface with pesticide residue on it. Systemic insecticides are absorbed by the tree through sprayed leaves, roots, and or woody tissue and are moved by its vascular system to other parts of the tree. SLF is killed as it feeds on any part of the tree, even if it was not sprayed directly (e.g., spraying the lower part of the tree will protect the tree tops). Systemic insecticides work best when applied in the spring and early summer, before the more mobile adults emerge. However, they can protect the tree and kill adults depending on the application timing and type. Systemic products will often give contact activity when sprayed directly to live SLF, but contact activity from surface residues is often relatively short as the product is absorbed into the tree.

There are four main methods to apply insecticides: tree injection and bark sprays (applied by professional applicators), and soil drench and foliar sprays (can be applied by homeowners). The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the United States Department of Agriculture are currently using the systemic insecticide dinotefuran as injections or bark sprays on tree-of-heaven to kill SLF. Both methods work well and have residual activity that lasts from several weeks to several months. These application types, however, can only be applied by certified pesticide applicators, including tree care professionals, and can be costly.

Information provided by your Township Officials comes by recommendation of the Penn State Extension. Recommendations made by the Penn State Extension can only be made through proven research. electricity 101 youtube If you have further questions regarding products that will kill the SLF, please contact the Berks County Penn State Extension at 610-378-1327, and speak to a Master Gardener. Be Informed of Emergencies and Traffic Situations – Crime Watch Push Notifications Now Available

Beginning on Friday, May 18th, SR 562 will be closed from Manatawny Road to approximately 200′ west of Trumbore Lane for replacement of the bridge over Manatawny Creek. Spotts Mill Road will also be closed to through traffic in that location but can be accessed from the other end. The closure will last through May of 2019. A detour will be posted for the duration of the road closure. Work will consist of complete removal of the existing bridge and reconstruction of a new bridge in the same location. There will be some slope work on the east end of the project to lay the rock slope back to give better site visibility when heading west approaching the bridge. wikipedia electricity generation There will be minimal paving at each end of the bridge to tie the new structure into the existing paving. The Detour will follow Old Airport Road to SR 662. Passenger vehicles, motorcycles and light trucks will be able to turn right on SR 662. Trucks will turn left on SR 662, go down to SR 422 and turn around to come back up SR 662 to get back on SR 562 in Yellowhouse. Recycling Collection Provider Change

Beginning January 4th, Eagle Disposal will be collecting the Recylable materials you place by the curb. If you haven’t already, you should be receiving the flyer below which will give you important information and a calendar indicating the collection dates. Collection will continue to be on Wednesday, with the exception of those weeks in which a Holiday falls on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as indicated on the calendar. Placement should be either the night before collection or by 6AM, with the exception of SR 422, Ben Franklin Hwy, SR 562 and SR 662 which should be placed the night before as collection takes place earlier than other areas of the Township. Please be sure to secure your materials to prevent spillage and/or blowing around the community. electricity usage Should your bin become knocked over or materials blow out of your container please be courtious to your neighbors and pick up those materials. If you personally see materials being dropped by the collector or glass being broken on the roadway please let us know immediately. We hope for a smooth transition and ask for your patience during this time.