An abuse of power endeavor x todoroki gas stoichiometry worksheet


Todoroki is one of my favorite characters in the show. How could he not be? But I really began to feel for him during season two after learning more of his backstory. In some ways his character reminds me of Gaara from Naruto… only he doesn’t start out so villainy!

In season two we learn about Todoroki and his Father Endeavor. Endeavor has a fire Quirk and is respected in the community as the number two hero behind All Might. He spend a large portion of his time trying to out do All Might but decides he’ll never be able to beat him so he’ll do the next best thing and have a child that can surpass All Might.

Now the above tale should already let you know what kind of jerk we’re dealing with. I mean what kind of hero basically just throws a tantrum because he isn’t recognized as number one? You want to be the best? Then work hard and keep working until you achieve your goal. Its good to have someone to strive for. It keeps you working hard.

The idea is for them to have a child that will perfectly combine the two quirks. However this isn’t an exact science so they end up having a few kids before Todoroki comes along with the perfect blend. Half of him can control fire like his father the other side ice like his mother.

Through flashbacks we are able to see that Endeavor really cares nothing for his other children. To him they are nothing more than failures that didn’t pan out. We also see the abusive and bullying side of Endeavor towards his wife and children. This leads me to believe that the sex used to create his children was probably not consensual.

You can see through the flashbacks that Endeavor’s wife doesn’t like him and fears him. Trust me a woman like that doesn’t have sex willingly when she feels that way. She does it because she feels like she has to. Married or not this is rape.

So how does a man like Endeavor get away with all of this? By abusing his power. People believe in him, he’s a hero after all known for putting away bad guys. He is protected from consequences because of his public image. Much like people in power in real life are.

Both Todoroki, his mother, and his syblings see Endeavor’s awful side but never come forward to expose him. Why? For the same reason most victims do not come forward. They believe they won’t be believed and they have so much to lose if they are not.

When he got married people probably thought she was the luckiest woman in the country. If she tried to say anything she would be villified in a heartbeat. On top of that once you bring children into the picture she would be risking losing them.

Endeavor sticks Todoroki’s Mother in a hospital Psych Ward style officially closing off any chance any of them had of breaking free. If they come forward Endeavor can claim his wife is actually the abusive one using what she did against Todoroki as an example.

Sadly this is an all to familar story. We want to believe that our heros live up to our standards but this story is a helpful reminder that people are human. Just because they are in a position of power or looked up to doesn’t mean that they are good people.

I think this storyline is a good reminder that none of us knows what goes on behind closed doors. Even if we think we know someone or build up this idea of them because they’re famous, the fact is abusers don’t parade around the fact they are abusive.

Well Grimms that’s all for today. This was along post so thanks for seeing it to the end. I haven’t done a heavy post like this in a hot minute but I hope that through My Hero Academia and Todoroki’s storyline we were able to brooch a difficult topic in a relatable way that will help us all to see things from a different perspective.