An anderson adventure electricity lyrics


It was my first visit to Zellerbach Hall, and i was struck by the feeling that i was nestled inside a beautiful and very comfortable egg. Then, as the concert began, it seemed that the entire performance was just for me and that everything, sight and sound, was focused on my seat by the parabolic curve of the eggshell. electricity for kids What a wonderful venue.

And Laurie, she had me from the first sentence of her narrative about how when she got the call from NASA asking her to be their artist-in-residence, she assumed it was a crank call and hung up. gas 2016 But it wasn’t, she explained, accompanying herself on her electric viola with an ambient synthesized background that she manipulated on a laptop. The concert was The End of the Moon, and click on that link for an eight-minute excerpt that might explain why i was a total fan well before the concert was over.

That happened a couple of months ago. I learned that she’d be in town for a series of three different concerts at the cusp of November-December, went online, and working as rapidly as possible, bagged the two best seats at each. gas oil ratio I paid no attention whatsoever to the brief online descriptions of the concerts because i knew that anything she did would be fabulous. OK, and if not fabulous, at least excellent like the last of her concerts i’d attended in 2015 at Miner Hall.

Then three weeks ago i started figuring out who my guests would be. gas engineer salary The obvious first choice was my old friend Bob, and because he works Friday and Saturday night, he was the perfect fit for Sunday night. Saturday night went to another friend who is an Anderson fan, which left Friday night for someone i liked in my new home. electricity experiments for high school The clear choice for that was Jude, who’d invited me to her splendid salon last month.

I’d not been inside Grace Cathedral for decades, and what a magnificent space it is. We arrived only a few minutes early, but the concert had already started. i feel electricity in my body Some preliminary very loud droning was reverberating through the cathedral while a good many people were wandering about with only a few seated. gas and electric nyc As we ambled our way toward the altar, the droning volume increased until it was just deafening.

When we got to the thirty minute mark, i shouted in Jude’s ear my lack of understanding of what was going on and my hope that something interesting would start, but after another fifteen minutes i suggested that we also wander around like so many others were doing. My hidden agenda was wanting to get a little distance between me and the cacophony…and to get closer to the front door where i might suggest that we make an escape.

When i got home, i did my homework. Oh my goodness. If i’d just looked at the bare description of the concert on the tickets website, i’d have learned that the title of the piece was “Lou Reed Drones” and that it ran 4 (four!) hours. A little more digging revealed that the patrons were free to come and go as the evening ran on, that the droning came from several of Reed’s guitars backed up against amplifiers to get feedback, and that at some point in the show Laurie would perform duets on her viola with a couple of other performers.