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I booked a return journey from London Victoria Coach Station to Bournemouth Coach Station for 12 people, travel on 16 March at 11.00 am and return on 18 March at 11.00 am (coach grade 9 static electricity quiz nos. 035). Both my brother and I confirmed by phone that we need a lift on the coach for my brother who is disabled to get in and out of the coach. Both of us were told that all is booked and OK. When we got to Victoria on the 16th, the driver, unfortunately we don’t know his name, was absolutely brilliant. He took everyone’s luggage and put them in the booth under the coach electricity 101 episode 1. He helped my disabled brother on the lift and also helped lift him up from the wheel chair into the seat. Just before taking off, he said to all the passengers that we need to watch the safety video, said that he has put the heating on and let him know if we are cold or hot and he will adjust accordingly. He also helped my brother getting back on the wheel chair and out of the coach at Bournemouth. He helped take everyone’s luggage out at Bournemouth for us. 5 star service from him gas near me. On the way back from Bournemouth, a coach pulled up at Bournemouth. We went to the driver to get on, again don’t know his name. He said that he was not National Express driver but a duplicate driver. He said that he did not know how to operate the lift electricity history pdf and we should wait for the next coach which will be there soon and would leave at the same time. We told him that we can lift my brother in the wheel chair to get on the coach. He said that he could not allow us to do that due to Health Safety. Did not like his attitude. When the second coach arrived, coach no. CD18. The driver Harry was very rude. He said that he was not told about the lift and electricity and magnetism study guide answers he DID NOT want to use it. I told him that we had arranged for the lift. He went inside the coach station office and called someone. The other guy came out and said that he can not do anything if the driver did not want to. After trying to explain to the second guy for ages, he tried using the lift which did not work. Can not understand why the engineers do not check if everything is in working order before letting the vehicles out on the roads. In the end we had to lift my brother in the wheelchair to get on the gas house gang coach. Do not know what happened to Health Safety this time. All this time, my brother is freezing to death in the cold waiting to get on and the driver did not care at all. Harry told us to go and put all the luggage and the wheel chair under ourselves in the coach. What a difference in customer service from the gas and water mix 16th and today. When we finally left Bournemouth, Harry did not even put the safety video on. The coach was absolutely freezing at the back where all 12 of us were seating. I went and asked Harry to turn the heating on twice. HE DID NOT. The driver’s changed at Hayes. When I asked the new 76 gas card payment driver to turn the heating on, he said that Harry had turned the heating off at the back as we had upset him. My brother being disabled, needs the heating on 24/7. We always travel everywhere by car and after the driver’s brilliant customer service on the 16th, we all thought that it would be great not to drive in the future and just enjoy going away by National Express Coaches. BUT after the service we all got on the return journey on the 18th from Bournemouth, NEVER AGAIN. I am going to make sure I tell my family and friends about the terrible service we got. It is such a shame that I had gas 4 less to give such low star due to Harry’s behavior because the first driver on the 16th deserves 5 star.