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Danielle Walker, professionally known as Inez, did just that. This extremely talented audio engineering student enrolled in Berklee College of Music and caught the song writing bug. I have had the pleasure of being able to watch her grow through the last couple of semesters of school, up through her graduation and better yet, got to hear the results of all that growth at the Big B!

Danielle: I never wanted to be an artist. I just wanted to be a producer, I loved engineering, I just wanted to be behind the scenes because I’m a low-key person. gas variables pogil extension questions But I started going through things and found myself writing, not necessarily writing songs. I hated journaling, too. That was like OOHH too much work. I took a course at Berklee, two courses actually, Creative Writing…I cannot remember her name for the life of me – slam poet, award-winning teacher…

Danielle: Literally having her give me such positive feedback – one of the things she said to me in one of my final classes was “You’ve written this in perfect Iambic Pentameter” and I had no idea what the hell that was. I was like “OK”. She said “You really have a knack for writing and maybe you should look into songwriting.” I was never able to write songs. I was always able to do poetry but like when I tried to do songs they were corny and cliched and terribly written. So then I took my first songwriting course and got the bug. u gas hampton I got the bug. Berklee’s really strong in object writing so we did a lot of timed writes, making sure you’re just using that muscle everyday. So that got me looking at the world in a different way. Basically that allowed me to start expressing myself in a way that wasn’t cliched or corny. So to answer your question succinctly, or more succinctly, I guess, is no they’re not all written, but I do have a lot of pieces from things that I’ve gone through that I’ve already written, things that I’m able to read. I’m able to take a poem that I wrote and pull out imagery to write a song and pull out the emotion to kind of help my process along. o gastronomo While things aren’t written, it’s not like I’m starting absolutely from ground zero.

Danielle: It was a really interesting experience being called Daniel 3 times. And not caring! People were like “I’m not walking across the stage until you get my name right!” And I didn’t care. I was like “DUDE! I made it this far!” I literally pushed the guy in front of me, there were two guys in front of me who they didn’t call. They were supposed to get the order right, but as soon as I heard “Daniel Walker” I was like “Move out of my way! It’s my time to shine; it’s my time to walk across the stage.” I didn’t care. My family was fuming they were like “Daniel! That’s not your name!” I didn’t care. I was like – I’m here with frickin’ Nile Rodgers, Neil Rodgers…It’s Nile Rodgers, why am I saying Neil?? Esperanza Spalding…

Danielle: I have the concept, I have movement, I am in the process of recording. So I know where the end is gonna be. I’m just working to fill in the middle while not putting too much pressure on myself creatively. People say “It’s just one of those that develop organically.” I feel like the best music I’ve ever made has been accidental or I can’t explain how I did it. But there are some pieces that I already know I want to put in and incorporate. WIP – work in progress.

Danielle: That was an interesting couple of weeks. I announced on July 31st that I was releasing it. electricity experiments for 4th graders It wasn’t mixed yet and I had to get it to my distributor so that it would be live. So literally 4 days before it was supposed to live I uploaded it. And prayed that I didn’t just blow gas up everyone’s ass. And lo and behold at midnight on August 9th, it was there and I was just like so relieved.

Danielle: Super, super dope name. Had to write a song. She was like “You don’t have to write lyrics, you have to come up with a song that represents you and how you feel about yourself.” Basically positivity or how you’re feeling in the moment and allowing your emotions to take over. So I pull up GarageBand and throw some loops together. Wrote the song in 10 minutes. gsa 2016 new orleans Recorded the demo in one take. I was just being lazy and I was like “I don’t care.” Posted the song. My classmates are like going apeshit over it. It was really how I felt. I can’t be like “Oh, it was just something I slapped together.” It was really how I felt at the moment but I didn’t expect people to receive it like that. gas city indiana zip code So then I really listened to it and was like hmmm…

Danielle: YES! I’m just trying to work it. Word of mouth has been really good to me. Everyday I’m on Instagram or Twitter and someone’s like “Check out this song by Inez, it’s really good!” If 5 people listen to my song, I’m like “Wow! I’m so appreciative.” The love I’ve been getting from people all over the world, most of them by way of Miss Suzanne, which I so appreciate. I’m looking at my stats and analytics and I’m like why is someone in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Finland, Iceland listening to my stuff? I don’t even know people in Pittsburgh, let alone someone halfway across the world. That’s what I want. I want people all over to feel like they can relate to it.

Danielle: And we can make them pay us for that. “They recorded a hit song in our Walmart?” We should get free Joe Boxer draws for life…or something. Next up, finish the album, I’m working on my artist webpage. I need to get my marketing team together; do some roll out stuff. Traveling. 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh I want to go to Expos I want to really put a face to the music. Some promo videos. Allowing myself to enjoy my music. I think when you have deadlines, you don’t really get to enjoy the process. I received a grant from the Heinz Endowments and the Pittsburgh Foundation, so I’m on a deadline to use my grant funding before the grant period is over. So that’s pressure but still I think I have enough time to ease into the rest of the album and not feel like I’m just throwing random songs that don’t make sense or mean anything to me.

Danielle: Guitar lines – because…yes. So that’s my next step. And doing more live shows. I haven’t done a live show or even a live performance in probably a year. gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to So I’m probably going to hit up some open mics. I have really cool friends who are doing shows and I’m going to see if I can hit the stage with a few of my peeps. Get my feet back wet and keep it trucking. Keep it trucking.