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1. gas smoker recipes After this lenght of time why have Grant Thornton not seen the Company Spanish Bank accounts? As liquidators they should be entitled to a full disclosure of all Company bank accounts which I would have thought also included all international accounts especially as OVP was a spanish property investment Company. Without this crucial evidence its virtually impossible to prove who got what and all legal and criminal proceedings depend on evidence.

2. v gas llc It must be clear to everyone concerned that this is an elaborate and sophisticated fraud that has been perpetrated and that CT and his various cronies have been consistently lying through their teeth for at least 3 years to delay matters for as long as possible in oder that the clients deposit funds could be effectively siphoned off or hidden.

They are all in this together and its only now that the proverbial XXXX is about to hit the fan that they are attemping to lay blame at each others door. One thing I do know is that CT by his actions must be in breach of his fiduciary responsibilities as the main Director of OVP. He has a legal duty to make sure that the company is run correctly and that clients funds are not utilised inappropriately.

This is a very intelligent individual who has been planning this whole affair like a military operation with one aim in mind to fill his own pockets at the expense of the innocent investors who he probably looks on as a bunch of suckers. q gas station cleveland ohio Just remember he has being cashing in everything he could for some time for example selling his letting operation Residential Lettings,putting Blackbrook into Administration and his most recent move to put Longdon Hall up for sale.

I can only suggest that pressure be brought to bear on GT and the SFO by people going back to their MP’s to raise concerns about the whole way this matter is being investigated. electric utility companies in florida There needs to be a co-ordinated approach between GT and the police/SFO and communication needs to be significantly improved. Its only by all parties working together effectively that there will be any chance of recovery or the wrongdoers being punished.

I wish you all well in your quest and just one final point is it not almost laughable that GT and Sun Golf would try and have everyone believe there were no legal documentation to set out the agreement reached between them which involved the movement arround of several millions of punds. gas variables pogil worksheet answers This is an insult to people’s intelligence and a sick joke bearing in mind the lenghty litigation OVP/CT had got involved previously with the developer Aifos.

– Connected third parties may be liquidated if they are unable to pay back the funds. This is likely to happen as most of the third parties are / were owned by ** EDITED – Names **. According to Companies’ House, most of these companies do not have any liquid (or tangible) assets on their books. electricity wiki However, the liquidation of these companies will still benefit the OVPI creditors because it will complete the picture for GT and allow them to see where funds have been paid.

The whole Sungolf / Ricardo Miranda issue will not be solved in the next year or two. It will take alot of time for this to be cleared up, however, from GT’s press release which was enclosed in our latest correspondence, it appears that they are making good progress with this. electricity transmission costs Im sure GT & their lawyers are still in contact with Miranda’s lawyers and discussing whether an amicable resolution can be found. This is very doubtful but I’m sure GT will be compiling whatever evidence they have on Sungolf and passing this onto their lawyers to see if there is any case to be brought.