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Using Turn Undead on the fountain at the entrance causes four quest items called Tear of Dol Arrah to appear on the floor around the fountain. Altars on the path up the tower can be purified by these gems, instantly killing any nearby zombies (and replacing them with skeletons just as if you’d killed them yourself). Some players have assumed "There must be more to it than that!", but there isn’t: killing a handful of zombies is your only reward for handling the Tears of Dol Arrah, and it’s often the case that there’s not even any zombies left by the time you make it to an altar.

Zombies in this quest are two-stage monsters; they are replaced with one of a variety of skeletons when killed. The skeletons can often be more dangerous than the original zombie – especially since they’re immune to acid and fire. It’s worth noting that Flesh to Stone can disable zombies without killing them. On Casual difficulty, only the skeletons will appear.

The mummies hit very hard and bestow a healing-preventing Mummy’s Curse, so remember to Remove Curse and then Remove Disease. If you have a Wizard or Sorcerer with you, Fire spells like Wall of Fire and Fireball are your best friends against the mummies, if not against the (fire-immune) skeletons.

When you arrive at the summit of the tower, you will find a small throne room with three altars. Each altar will bring you to a different corner of Calliphor Validus’s chamber. You may want to have your party enter through different altars to divide the Lich’s attention.

As soon as the Lich is disturbed, the floor of the chamber will slowly begin to fall away. Despite the risk of falling, melee can be of great help in defeating Validus as spellcasters can have difficulty damaging him. It can sometimes be possible to back him into a corner away from the falling floor. Ranged and spellcasters should attempt to stay in the corners of the room.

As a Lich, Validus is immune to level 4 and below spells, immune to Cold and Electricity, has a permanent Fire Shield: Cold, and has Disintegrate Ward. This makes life tough for arcanes; despite Disintegrate Ward nullifying a small percentage of Disintegrates, Disintegrate is probably an arcane’s best bet for damaging him. Divine casters can use Divine Punishment, Heal, and Cure Masses. A paladin with sufficient Lay On Hands can greatly reduce his hit points very quickly. Also as a Lich, Validus has DR 40/Bludgeon+Magic and DR 15/-, so melees had best bring high DPS proc weapons such as Greater Undead Bane or Disruption, ideally Bludgeoning. Ranged will have to rely on damage procs like Greater Undead Bane and Disruption, since the only source of Blunted Ammunition at this level is the Greatbow of the Scrag. A couple of bottles of 50 charge SUN FLASKS do the trick.

Validus likes to cast electric spells and Acid Rain, and casts Greater Dispel Magic. Resist Energy is subpar since it may be dispelled; Electricity and Acid resist from ship buffs or items is ideal. He will also occasionally use Paralyzing Touch if within melee range, so Freedom of Movement is not a bad idea.

After defeating Validus, before you drop all the way down to the bottom, there are two otherwise inaccessible balconies with hidden rooms you can Feather Fall to. One is at Level IX (Feather Fall North , to below the throne) with the possibility of the rare Prince M’dab and a chest, and the second is on Level VIII on the east side behind a secret door, with a possible chest.

After the quest is finished, behind the two chests at the bottom there is a secret door hiding a locked and trapped chest with Calliphor’s Phylactery in it. Once again, many players assume it has some use, but all you can actually do is just bring it to the quest giver for no reward.

• Flame’s Gift – Trinket: Fire Lore III Fire Lore III: Passive: Your Fire spells gain a 13% Equipment bonus to their chance to critical hit., Combustion +60 Combustion +60: Passive: +60 Equipment bonus to Fire Spell Power. [ML:9] (End Chest)