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My days of listening to Q107 are over. I have grown increasingly annoyed at the play list since they added the "newer" music to their rotation. electricity tower vector They play the same tired old songs over and over again. The announcers, all except John Scholes and Andy Frost, are annoying and inane. I cant stand Derringers show anymore. Sometimes the conversation is like a high school locker room. That is not what I want to listen to. The only time I really looked forward to listening was Saturdays and Sundays when Al and Andy were on. The guy they have on in place of Al is awful. His voice is grating and I have no idea what he is talking about sometimes. I have a large collection of LP’s, CD’s and even cassettes so I will be starting to play them more instead of listening to Q107. I am also a fan of classical music so I will be tuning into Classical FM (CFMX) for my rides in the car and when I need to have the radio on. Its sad that the owners of Q107 messed with a good thing and ruined a station that offered something different. gas efficient suv 2010 I love Psychedelic Psundays and will miss it. RIP Q107.

I was always bored by most of what is now considered classic rock. Corporate, arena rock, tired and formulaic. That’s is what mainstream rock had turned into starting around 1975. Punk and New Wave brought things back to life but the mainstream remained mundane and that mainstream is mundane today regardless of format. That is the only option we have on commercial terrestrial radio. Granted that in some ways the options are better then ever due to the internet but not on terrestrial radio.

I will say it again genre does not matter there is creativity in new and all different types of music but it does not get exposed. DJ’s like David Marsden, Reiner Schwarz, David Pritchard , The Live Earl Jive and others were personalities that exposed people to a wide variety of music while adding their own touch to the broadcasts. They educated people to have open minds. Not just music but there was also poetry, spoken word and comedy. Nothing like the comedy of The Fiersign Theatre is heard on commercial radio anymore. The announcers brought in the audience with their unique personalities and exposed them to innovation and creativity by mixing the experimental with the familiar. electricity symbols ks2 worksheet The element of surprise. May 14, 2018 @ 12:42 PM

I’ve never cried over something like "this" and I’ve just found myself bawling like a baby. You see, over the last 4 years there have been terrible changes in my life and having to move out of Toronto for Montreal was one of these. I literally have been being Kept Alive by the once a week PsychedelicPsunday and Andy, the classiest announcer in the biz. I was 16 yrs old when I first moved to Toronto. I was not Old. I should have been listening to Vanilla Ice and New Kids on The Block I guess but no, Psychedelic Psunday was on my little walkman radio as I explored Kensington Market and the rest of Toronto. Classical Music has been going on for hundreds of years, so please don’t use that argument. 4 gases in the atmosphere There are classical music radio stations going on still… I’m going to really struggle. Maybe I have mental health issues but so be it. In life, you need at least ONE thing you can count on. I was dreading the day that Andy would RETIRE. Not be FIRED. And that maybe they’d keep the show on, in reruns or whatever. I made my life and dreams come true in Toronto, and Sunday Afternoons were the soundtrack to those accomplishments. At this point, I hope I find out if Andy gets into pirate internet radio and the show keeps going there, somewhere out online. I feel embarrassed that I am crying over this, literally. But there you go. I’m just glad I found out in time to hear this last one. UNBELIEVABLE move, Q107. GOODBYE. May 27, 2018 @ 1:50 PM

When i was a 15 years old i started getting into the radio, first 1050 Chum, than Chum FM and than finally the Mighty Q. At that point all i listened to was Q107, know why, because the music was great. 3 gases Toronto’s Ultimate Rock 104.5 Chum FM (remember that) was a wimpy version of Q107 so for me Q stayed on. The music i was listening to was older than me and i had no older brother or sister to hear that music, all my choice. My love of Led Zeppelin was the end all but than Andy Frost came along with his chimes in the back round gently making sounds when he was on the air and of course Psych Sunday, at that point as a teenager i heard all this awesome music i would never have heard by myself. I have never met Andy Frost but i feel like i know him and at the very least i feel like he is sorta like a cool older big brother. electricity and magnetism equations Andy thanks for showing me the music. Zeppelin is still by favorite band, but all that music on Sunday’s so long age till today will be with me forever. Thank you for opening up my mind as a young lad. To the joke known as Corus you are a sad bunch but really the joke is on all of Toronto and Southern Ontario. No more Andy or Psych Sunday…….. no more Q for me. Farewell. May 27, 2018 @ 5:42 PM

lve been listening to that show before Andy was there, Rory Oshea was doing it for years, and before him was John Daringer , mid 70s when l started listening to the Q, l use to be a big CFTR, fan, along with CHUM, till the Q-107, began airing, they called it the Ultimate Rock Station FM, lm from Muskoka, it was hard to pick it up, the signal was weak, hooked my old speaker wires to my dads rotter on the roof to tune it in, or sit in the car, turn the key back to hear Psychedelic Sunday, it was wonderful hearing the great 60s songs l grew up with, nice to enjoy on sundays, with friends, my mother enjoyed it at christmas time with me, over 40 yrs lve been enjoying that music, l was deeply saddened yesterday when l heard andy say, the last show, l was doing dishes waiting for the songs, l broke a plate when l heard him say, at noon to start, always looking forward at 2pm to email andy for a request, l enjoyed that part of it, before yrs ago we had to call in, andy would answer, l met him twice, at the hard rock cafe, small place they had there, before was young and bloor, before that was sheppard and young or steeles studios, long time fan of the Q, but not now, lm done with them, this just ended it for me, the regular music they play now is always the same music played over and over, they dont try to play albums deep, just the same song list daily, it sucks, they could play more great songs but they dont the same rush songs, the who songs, hits only, l loke the 80s lunch with joanne at noon, hope that doesnt end, but Corus cutting al and andy sucks man, its such a popular show on sundays, cant fiqure why they got rid of it, l hope andy does the show on his own, playing classic rock, would be nice, the fans are there, like me paul in etobicoke, cheers May 28, 2018 @ 8:03 AM

I worked at Q107 and 640 15-20 years ago, for about seven years. Q107 started as the reason I wanted to get into radio, and ended as the reason I wanted to leave it. Right around the time Corus took over from WIC, you could physically feel people’s spirits had disappeared as you walked the hallways. It was literally tangible. And eerie. The "new boss" always aims to shake things up, and boy did they! They treated the radio station like a corporate business. Which I guess it is. But the thing is, you can’t treat radio that way. There is a creative component to it which needs to be allowed to flourish. It’s not a law office. "Fun" is part of the money-making process. If a radio station is not fun, it comes across to the listeners, and the listeners stop caring.

If Q107 had played it smart, not only would they not have cancelled the #1 show in the city, but they would have found a way to syndicate it and make even more money, using their studio as a flagship station to however many affiliates they wanted. electricity trading hedge funds It was not a regional show. It could be listened to anywhere. Why did they never figure that out?

The Andy-Al-Scholes trinity was the last vestige of that generation of Q employees from when I was there, both on air and off. Now everyone is gone. We are the relics George Harrison sang about. All things must pass. And I might not feel so badly about that if Q were still the spirit of radio Rush sang about. Psych Psunday was that, because it deviated from the cookie-cutter playlist, which created a signature rhythm in the show and added some personality.

Loogan, is nails really Mike Stafford, after all didn’t he coin that word??? I guess it’s better than being called a drunk. As I said, you are devoted to your friend, and good on you. But you can’t stop my opinion. gas quality I’m not losing any sleep, and I’m not "crying" over the "Big Bad Radio Man", (the only big bad man that scares me is my bookie) I simply gave Andy some info he may have wanted to share with his listeners, but instead he said nobody cares goodbye. I decided that this guy wasn’t worth listening to, and stopped listening. Now that he got canned, I responded GOODBYE. For you to say "nobody cares" and that "probably The Doors don’t even care" just proves my point.

I was at The Doors Other Voices concert at St. Lawrence Hall Nov 71, (you were probably still in diapers) and Ray Manzarek definitely cared. Ray roamed around the crowd, and I spent some time with him, he signed my shirt, and I remember saying don’t give up! Anyway you have stated that you were a "screener" AKA coffee runner, don’t bother with my large black, I’m going for an espresso, and cueing up "Variety is the Spice of Life" or maybe "I’m Horny I’m Stoned" or better yet "Hang on to Your Life". Look em up coffee boy. June 15, 2018 @ 2:52 PM