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They set up their equipment, very carefully covered my floors, rugs, furniture, packed boxes and doorways with protective materials and then came back to remove the mold from the ceiling and walls with microbial cleaner/scrubber. They continued to monitor the rooms for 3 additional days to ensure all the mold spores were removed. I received very detailed information over the phone as to the gas 87 89 93 process they would use and when Luis came, he gave me verbal details of what would be done. I received a comprehensive written estimate with every item listed that would be used during the process. There were no surprises or hidden costs at the end. What was quoted was what I paid.

The men were polite and respectful and true to their word. They showed each day at the time agreed upon and left my home in spotless condition maharashtra electricity e bill payment. They deliver what they promise – they do it right and do it once. I rehired the original company to retest the work done and now have a house that’s safe to live in and could be sold without issue. I also had them demo the ceiling in the bathroom where they removed seven bags of plaster, wood and debris. All ceiling plaster, wall plaster and pine paneling was removed from my property before they left. My home is now safe for me to live in. Thanks to Mold First Responders. I give my highest recommendation to this company.

When I took a look at my profile, I had all my reviews from the last 10 years. We have been a A company for all of those years. The one thing that I seen that was very different was the number that was listed under my business contact information was not mine. Instead a number that was a general number that if you called sounded something like, Welcome to Angie u gas cedar hill mo’s List we are now connecting you to your service provided. Ok boys and girls buckle up for this one. Try not to get lost. Like I said before, my son found this out and was calling from his personal phone number. Not our business phone. He was acting on his own. He’s no dummy. He just called and he stated, Daddy I left my call back number. Daddy am I in trouble? I said, No little buddy. Let’s see what happens.

The very next morning my Son had several calls stating, We see you need a paint estimate. WHAT??? He was looking at my company. How electricity invented what year in the world were these other companies getting my lead? I then took it upon myself to call one of the voice mails that he received. A older man answered the phone with his company name. I then calmly tried to explain the reason of my call. The man listened to me and said he had been paying Home Advisor a certain amount for us electricity hertz each lead and he got my son’s information from them.

Are you guys still with me in this?? This poor guy was getting a fake lead and being charged from my son’s phone call to check out his Daddy’s page on Angie’s List. After a 10 minute conversation with the gentleman he stated to me that he already was charged $350 for the month for incoming leads. I felt so bad for him, due to he told me he was a retired guy trying to supplement his cost of health insurance. He then stated he was canceling his membership with Home Advisor. We hung up the phone and I could believe what happens.

After u gas station further thought, and 10 years of me supporting the practice of Angie’s List I regret I will be leaving them, and as far as the constant phone calls from the Angie’s List parenting company Home Advisor please quit calling me 10 times a day from different numbers to try and confuse me. I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH EITHER OF YOU SCAM ARTIST COMPANIES!!! I hope you hard working entrepreneurs have learned something from this post!! Beat the streets, gain relationships by doing great work! Be a man of your word, show up on time! Last but not least Good Luck to you!!!!