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Animal care is a growing industry too. electricity japan More than 63% of Australian households now have pets, and there are thousands of animals in shelters and the wild that need care. The government expects job numbers to increase rapidly over the next few years. With the right animal courses qualification, you could be a vet or wildlife nurse. You could work in a shelter, animal hospital, kennel or pet shop. electricity distribution map You could even run your own pet service business.

Animal Attendants and Trainers care for the needs of animals, including training, feeding and grooming requirements. Depending on your animal care course and career choice, you could be performing tasks such as teaching animals to obey commands both verbal and non-verbal, maintaining comfortable and hygienic animal enclosures, maintaining animal health records and treating minor injuries, and playing with animals and providing companionship. Career Outcomes

There are a range of Animal Care courses to take, from people just wishing to find out a little more about caring for their own pets, through to TAFE and university qualifications to kick-start a career in Animal Care. You can specialise in a wide variety of fields, that will enable you to work in a range of animal care facilities, such as zoos, veterinary clinics, theme parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Certificate

If you’d like to become an Animal Attendant or are a pet owner who wants to know more about caring for companion animals, then a Certificate in Animal Care may be the course for you. electricity quotes by benjamin franklin With a particular focus on caring for dogs and cats, you will be trained to understand animal anatomy, health, disease, first aid, dietary safety, animal handling, grooming, manicuring and bathing. There are no pre-requisites to enter the Certificate of Animal Care short course. electricity 24 hours You can also study this animal care course online. Certificate I

While the Certificate in Animal Care is a taste of what the industry could provide, or a way for pet owners to increase their knowledgebase, the Certificate II in Animal Studies is your first step to a career in the industry. You’ll learn how to care for animals in a variety of environments, including kennels, catteries, animal welfare centres and pet stores. This course requires no educational pre-requisites. electricity generation by state Upon completion you’ll be able to pursue a career as an Animal Attendant. Certificate II

The Certificate II in Animal Studies includes core subjects that teach you about working in the animal care industry, workplace communications, complete hygiene routines, health care and environmentally sustainable work practices. 1 electricity unit in kwh During this course you are encouraged to find a work placement in an animal care environment to increase your experience and receive on the job training. There is no minimum education requirement to complete the Certificate II in Animal Studies at TAFE or any other approved course provider. Certificate III

While the Certificate III in Pet Grooming doesn’t have any educational pre-requisites, the Certificate III in Captive Animals and Companion Animal Services requires a Certificate II or relevant work experience. It is highly recommended that during your studies in these more specific Certificate III courses, you undertake work experience in a facility corresponding to the course or you are already employed at a relevant animal care facility. Certificate IV