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Many observers see this by-election race as a national mandate on both the JLP and PNP and the gas nozzle icon result may have major political ramifications. The East Portland seat has long been a PNP stronghold and thus if Crawford loses the by-election on April 4, then questions will be asked of the current PNP leader Peter Phillips. Questions will be also asked about young Crawford’s future given his popularity amongst PNP members.

On March 3rd, Crawford gave a rousing 40 minute speech in East Portland which – despite the odd “controversial” moment – was probably the finest speech I have heard from a PNP pedestal since the days of the 1970s Michael Manley. Crawford was eloquent, witty, engaging, passionate, never dull, clear and had to audience reacting to his every phrase. Crawford has something that the PNP ill afford to lose which is great charisma and oratory in abundance.

But some of Crawford’s remarks was criticised in the media and by the JLP as classist and sexist. But the JLP outragers need to stop with the fake outcry given some of the comments made by some of their own MPs over the years. The reason why some of Crawford’s comments caused such outrage was probably because the speech was carried live on national radio. But Crawford has defended his speech.

Crawford returned to frontline politics in 2018 when he was selected to the Jamaican upper house as a senator for the PNP. Later down in the year Crawford was elected one of 4 vice presidents of the PNP. ( Why any organisation has 4 VPs I will never know?) But Crawford sounds like a man in a hurry and is keen to get back into representational politics and has been frank about his own ambitions to lead z gas cd juarez telefono the PNP.

The public know Ann Marie Vaz mainly as the wife of Daryl Vaz – MP for the other constituency in the parish of Portland (West Portland). Daryl is currently a cabinet minister who can be described as firebrand MP on the campaign trail. A straight taker Daryl is all about winning elections and was not afraid to criticize the performance of JLP leader Andrew Holness when they were in opposition.

From Duff House in Manchester, Anne Marie Vaz (nee Lyew) attended Hampton School in St Elizabeth and Alpha Academy in Kingston. Ann Marie Vaz once said 2009 “I never wanted to anything to do with politics. It cause a lot of damage to our marriage initially”. The first time I came across Ann Marie’s name was in a 2010 article regarding the alleged sale of a FINSAC related gas 101 property to her in upscale Cherry Gardens for tens of millions of Jamaican dollars below the market price.

But we all know Daryl Vaz is the voice of this by-election race for the JLP and not Ann Marie. Some will deem such a remark as sexist but according to media reports Daryl is Ann Marie Vaz’s election manager. After Crawford’s speech in East Portland the media tried to get a response from Ann-Marie over her rival’s “controversial” comments. But according to media reports Daryl declined interviews; very unusual for a politician not to seek the upper hand when their tiveopponent has made a boo-boo.

This intense campaigning in this by-election race was uncalled for given how the seat became vacant. Dr Lynvale Bloomfied – the incumbent MP – was found murdered (multiple stab wounds) in February at his home. Despite having a suspect in custody we still are not aware of the motive behind the killing. In fact there has hardly been any gas x strips walmart public statement/press conference by the police on such a very high profile killing. Very strange.

My hope was – given the nature of Dr Bloomfield’s demise – that the JLP would have allowed the PNP to run an uncontested candidate to finish out the term won by Bloomfield. Similar to what occurred in the UK when Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered in 2016. In the subsequent by-election, the main political parties (including UKIP) did not challenge the Labour Party candidate.

Within hours of Dr Bloomfield being laid to rest the political party machinery went into full campaign mode and it has just never stopped. The thrust of the current by-election campaign just did not feel right. It was as if Dr Bloomfield’s brutal murder was now a side-show and both parties could not wait to move on in this undignified manner. Yes, life must go on but how did we get here?

Despite all the political animosity on the platforms in East Portland, Crawford has close links to the JLP. His uncle Ransford Braham is a government senator. During Crawford’s initial hiatus from politics – after the 2016 elections – he hosted brilliant political show on Nationwide radio. There listeners gained an insight into Crawford the person. Crawford admitted on air he was probably closer to the younger members of the JLP. Some of those electricity cost by state said JLP politicians such the PR chief Senator Matthew Samuda would co-host the show.

There is something quite distasteful on the news that Ann Marie Vaz will be hosting a public free birthday concert in Portland just days before the by-election where some of Jamaica’s top artistes are slated to perform. Having such a concert in the middle of general election is fine. But for a by-election? How does a “new” candidate afford to book the likes of Queen Ifrica, Teejay, Christopher Martin, Bounty Killer and Sizzla? Unless the artiste are performing free of charge. I hope this story is fake news.

• The Jamaican Gleaner power per kwh recently reported MPs have been regularly not declaring their incomes, assets and liabilities “with the Integrity Commission on time or ignoring requests for additional information” the Gleaner reports goes on “including that of then Opposition Leader Andrew Holness,.. were not cleared due to inadequate responses to queries”. Nine declarations, including those submitted by current government ministers Delroy Chuck and Daryl Vaz were not cleared in 2014 and 2015 for the same reason.”

So light of these recent revelations and statements (plus other corruption scandals); which politician will be brave enough to propose a private members bill that demands politicial candidates declare all their wares including their expenses online for the electorate to scrutinize before any local and general elections? Don’t hold your breath.