Announcement – weybridge, muirfield village 1 electricity unit in kwh

Brightview, our landscaping contractor, Will start Mowing this week and Areation of lawn will be done. So please mark any sprinkler heads in your yards to prevent damage. extra flags are located on the front porch of Brent home 9396 Muirkirk Dr if needed. The mulching should be completed by May 15. I also wanted to update everyone on what happened due to the Street & Curb project last year. New soil and grass seed was applied and will added and maintained through out the season this is a ongoing project. you will see penn-mulch and soil added as it settles and levels to our curbs. We will be working with the landscapers to take care of this, so please be patient.

Many bare spots under trees and in front yards were noticed during our review. Inquires have been made asking what our landscaper are going to do about these areas. Let me remind everyone that reseeding and leveling of front and back yards is the responsibility of the homeowners. Fresh seed and a Penn-mulch (seed accelerator) can be applied. Once applied, however, residents should mark the seeded areas so they don’t get disturbed by mowing.

As always, the goal is to have Weybridge ready for the Memorial Tournament, but again the most important Weybridge asset is the people who live here. Our friendly residents make the neighborhood a wonderful place to live because of their kindness and involvement in their community. Thank you to all the volunteers who make up the Officers and Homeowners Board of Trustees!

As Residents of Muirfield Village and Weybridge we are blessed with the luxury of living in one of the premier neighborhoods in Central Ohio. We in Weybridge are fortunate to have the services of a board of trustees who are residents that take time from their everyday lives for no compensation, make decisions and take action on behalf of our neighborhood reflecting what they believe is in the very best interests of the majority of all residents who live here. Through regularly scheduled meetings The Weybridge residents board acts with one purpose and only one purpose in mind; to maintain and enhance the beauty, quality of life and the value of each and every one of our properties. Since the inception of the Weybridge Homeowners Association, the board has also been able to maintain the level of our contracted services (Mainly Landscaping) to a relatively high Standard while at the same time keeping each of our costs for these services at a reasonable level. This would certainly not be possible if not for the fact that our board did indeed consist of residents of this neighborhood with a personal stake in the decisions made.

With this in mind, it is important to remind everyone of the implicit responsibility we have as residents of Weybridge to become involved in the management of our neighborhood. Our alternative of having an outside management company would surely increase dues, and a feeling of disconnect from the regulations and rules that would be put in place which may not necessarily reflect our best interests as homeowners of our properties.

Weybridge Homeowners Association board would like to appeal to the common good sense of all of our residents to consider serving at least one term as an officer in the service to the quality of our neighborhood. Through it will never become a mandatory requirement, we would like to think that every resident would feel obligated to serve a three year "tour of duty". Your personal involvement will insure the standards that we have all come to expect as proud residents of Weybridge.