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My fifth visit to Lundy, this place is amazing. Two day trips then decided to stay longer. We camped twice, have to say the shower facilities are great and the campsite is protected and close to the Tavern and shop. We last stayed a couple of weeks ago, and due to the stormy weather we have been experiencing lately and the fact there gas chamber jokes were a couple of properties available decided to rent one of the cottages. We stayed in Castle Keep South, one of three cottages built within the walls of Marisco Castle in the south of the Island. The attention to detail Landmark Trust has paid to the accommodation is brilliant. Fully equipped for a self catering stay, even down to torches in the bedrooms for when the generator goes off at midnight and a roll of tin foil to wrap sandwiches. There is no TV or wifi which is why this place is so special, but the books in the bookcase about the history and wildlife of the island completely fill any spare time you have. The Marisco Tavern serves great food and everyone is really friendly, the shop is really well equipped and the journey out sailing on the Oldenburg is always lovely. This Island might not suit everyone, but if you really want to get away from it all give it a try.Can’t wait for our next visit. More Show less

Almost a year since I last wrote a review on LUNDY. It was magical then and I have to say it still is. Always a cause for concern… going back…. as at times second visits to holiday destinations can turn out to be a bit of a let down. This was just brilliant. For the folks who leave poor reviews (after all it is subjective), I really don’t know what you expect. It’s an island, expect to pay a premium for goods and food, they have electricity games online free to ship them in. As for not enough to do, that’s sad. We, and many many others just haven’t enough time to do the whole Lundy Thing. Our second visit staying in Castle Cottage, must rank as the best view from a property on Lundy. Check out the pictures. The Marisco Tavern, I’ve done a separate review for, is full of character, serves good food, catering for gluten free and vegans. No excuse for not trying the food and they serve good ale too. One of the fastest eateries ever, even when the Oldenburg brings in a boatload of tourists. Staff are pretty knowledgeable and polite. The Island itself is full of interest and wildlife with plenty enough to do, unless you are a t.v. soap fan. If you are don’t go to Lundy. This is a wifi free zone-= Not free wifi. No Tele, no mobile phone coverage and no electricity during the night. Midnight to Six. Brilliant. Everything catered for in the Cottage, more than enough of everything. Modern kitchen facilities, with the furnishings in character with the property. Ours even had a loo with a view. Tranquil, fabulous views, an abundance gas prices in texas of wildlife, ever changing weather patterns, fantastic walking with numerous places to explore, the list goes on. Shop with enough provisions, and nice staff, you don’t need to carry loads to last out your stay. To summarize…. give it a go…. I’d be very surprised, (amazed), if you didn’t enjoy it.

Millcombe House was built in the 1830s and has been well-preserved. It was a privilege to stay there. It was luxurious, managing to combine old world grandeur with modern facilities. There was no TV, no radio, no microwave and no washing machine. Those absences did not bother us although we might bring a radio if we come again. If you need music, you will have to bring your own and electricity trading hedge funds something to play it on. The kitchen is massive with a long scrubbed pine table where we drank coffee, chatted and played games (there is a choice of games in the sideboard in the dining room – they had almost everything except Scrabble). The cooking utensils are high quality (Le Creuset). We were provided with plenty of drinking water in bottles as the local tap water is not drinkable and has a brownish hue. The bedrooms are comfortable and with plenty of room. Much of the furniture is Victorian or Edwardian. There are rugs instead of wall to wall carpets, and the floorboards are stained black. Everything was spotlessly clean when we arrived. There is a coal burning fire (a Wenlock) in the drawing room which was fun but didn’t seem to throw out much heat. Not an issue, as the central heating system worked well and we were not cold. The plumbing is dated but functional. Some of the wash basins have had the enamel worn away so they were grey rather than white but this lent a sense of history to the place and they were totally hygienic. Adjusting the temperature in the showers was an art, but achievable with practice. The house is full of old prints and oil paintings, and many original features. There is also a signed document from Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate her visit to Lundy in 1958 on the yacht Brittania. The views from the house are spectacular and include the sea and electricity and circuits class 6 ppt the castle. It is quite a climb from Millcombe House to get to the shop and Tavern – I would say the equivalent of twelve flights of stairs over rough, rocky terrain. We allowed ourselves ten minutes to get to the shop. It’s worth noting that Lundy demands physical fitness from visitors wherever they choose to stay. If you can’t climb two flights of stairs with ease or walk a mile without being breathless, Lundy may not be suitable for you. Our verdict is that Millcombe House is unique. Lundy Island is unique. We loved both and recommend them to anyone who wants to combine a holiday with a bit of an adventure and a taste of history.

Lundy is an idyllic quiet and tranquil place. I went for my birthday in October electricity towers health risks and stayed at the Government House. It was a wonderful trip. I would recommend the following:- 1) Stay for at least 2 days, a day trip is too short 2) Take strong boots and wet weather clothing. 3) Buy The Lundy Companion by Michael A. Williams. It is pocket sized and gives an excellent insight in what to see on the island. 4) Take binoculars and bird guide (though they are provided in the accommodation). 5) Allocate a day to walking around the outside of the island. 6) Walk on the Lower East Side Path.The views are spectacular, and you are more likely to see Grey Seals for which there are many. 7) There are 3 walks in above book. 1. The southern end. 2. Up to half way wall. 3. Northern end. Excellent for showing you everything to see on Island. 8) Go in spring to see Puffins. They are not there all year as they only come on land to breed. 9) Eat in Marisco Tavern. Good basic pub food, and shelter from the weather. 10) Buy a Lundy stamp and post a postcard in the blue postbox. 11) The shop sells a range of basics, plus little pots of jam, marmalade. So you don’y have to bring it or take away large bottles. 12) Shop is supplied my MS Oldenburg, so produce is relatively fresh depending on last arrival. 13) i.e Don’t bring all your food with you. 14) Take food and water if walking to the North coast. There are no facilities and it is quite a long walk back. 15) Maybe also take a loo roll – if going to North coast!! 16) If you are in any way a poor traveller take travel sick pills at least an hour before you get on board the MS Oldenburg 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh. It is a lovely journey but can be quite choppy. 17) The journey back is a lot quieter as you are going with the current and waves. 18) Park you car in Mullacott Farm. It is much cheaper than the Ilfracombe car parks. The local Taxi firms are used to ferrying passengers between the farm and the sea front. 19) The is no wifi on the island and only a phone signal in a few places. Wonderful for me. My son found a signal by the large Union Jack near Millcombe House and the Ugly 20) There is no television – so you can escape from the world – bliss!!!!!!!! 21) St Helen church is being restored at the moment – somewhere I would love to have visited I hope that helps.