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Then as your VP might be close to 82 as estimated in post #55, totally estimated best guess. Say your 340 was able to put out 150ftlbs at 1800rpm. electricity names superheroes With a 2.47 low and 3.55s this would be multiplied to 1315ftlbs not enough to break those 275/60s loose, am I right? Ok so the simple solution is to just rev it up until you find enough power. Yeah that works but ….. it ain’t impressive. And it doesnt solve driving at low-rpm.

But with a 3.09, this maths out to 1645 ftlbs. gas engine efficiency So maybe your 340 will bust ’em loose,maybe; but I see more of a chirp and a bog, until you get the hang of it. It certainly will not be impressive. gas vs electric oven running cost Again just rev it up til you find the power, which will now be at quite a bit lower rpm. And it still does nothing for driving at lower rpm in any gear.Which with a manual trans, happens a lot.

Look at that VP jump! This is very significant 40% better than the 82VP originally estimated. Remember this is a measurement of performance that is only relevant up to in the range of 3000 to 3500 rpm. So consequently this 252 cam may make less power from about that point on; it will not have a top-end rush. gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore That doesn’t mean it will stop reving; mine in a 318 went to 5500 regularly and to 6000 occasionally with appropriate springing. It just means it runs outta power about 800 to 1000rpm sooner than your 284.

And if you do want to be impressive with that 252 cam, swapping to the 3.09 Commando box and say 3.73s, well, Shazzam! you’re all set up for 60mph@5150 at the top of second gear; let ‘er rip! And this cam might make 25 ftlbs more at 1800 than your current combo, so lets call it 175@1800. (it might even make 200,IDK).And that would get you 175 x 3.09×3.73=2017 ftlbs; more than enough to break the 275s loose and impressively. Now you can put on the line-loc and bring the Rs down closer to an idle, and make the tires moan,howl,wail, or scream….. and that’s impressive. Well, it is to me when I do it,lol.

Second gear is the most important gear. hp gas online booking mobile number You will spend more time in second than in any other gear, not including hiway time.This 6.53 ratio has to pull from 1500/18mph to 3600/40mph. This is it’s home, and the 252 cam will pull well in that range,very well. electricity grid australia And that same gear will pull all the way to 65=5100….. just about right for that cam,nay,just about perfect.

so I’ll add my 2 cents. you bought this car as it is correct? well the guy that built the motor more than likely matched the components and it does sound like it runs well. I would worry about compression ratio as the pistons were matched to the 360 chamber volume. if you lose compression with a bigger chamber in the head, you will not be happy. if the chambers are the same and you do not lose compression you will pick up some high rpm horsepower with the X heads. your cam will definitely love bigger valves at the same compression.

that is why aftermarket aluminum heads are so popular. they are not rare mopar pieces, you cant devalue them by porting and polishing them. they have hardened valve seats that love unleaded gas and thick deck surfaces that can be milled for any chamber volume without compromising the structural integrity of the casting. they all have big valves, raised intake runners and modern combustion chambers and flow boatloads more than any stock casting ported or not.

Just out of curiosity, what do you set your static timing and how much mechanical advance do you have? What rpm does your mechanical advance come all in by? I think you may be able to tune some of the bog out by welding your advance slots in distributor for around 18-14 degrees mechanical advance and set the static timing around 16-20 degrees with the mechanical all in at around 2500 rpm by spring setting. I would speculate that with the low compression and high bleed off cam set up that even with those big, lazy open chambers it would probably tolerate around 36 degrees of total advance. Check out the article in tech on ignition curve, I am curious to know what your initial settings are now. I spent a lot of quality time on a kitchen table distributor re-curve. electricity dance moms episode Almost all distributors are set for emission control and not performance. With 10:1 static compression, I am setting on 14 degrees static timing and 20 degrees all in at 2800 by mechanical advance. I run VP Octanium on 93 octane fuel or a seven to one mix of 93 octane to low lead 100 octane av gas. Aside from being outright illegal to use in a motor vehicle, the low lead av gas still has four to eight times the tetra-ethyl lead of the leaded auto gas these cars where meant to run on, plus the high altitude additives are very aggressive to the rubber fuel lines, hence the high dilution ratio. No pinging or spark knock with the 2.76 gears so far… Your combination could probably absorb 20 plus degrees of static timing and 10-12 degrees of mechanical all the way in on the very short end of the stick, like around 2000 rpm on 93 octane and generic octane booster…. gas oil ratio 50 to 1 Do your X head hardened exhaust seats installed? The induction hardened exhaust seats alone are a great advantage to your 587 heads, unless you just want to have to spend extra $$$ on lead substitute additives and such… Much like everyone else has stated, a good set of 1-5/8 tube headers would help tremendously. I run them with 2-1/4 Thrush turbo mufflers and have a very good exhaust note.