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As per Novelle and other training schools, they also have their own HSE Training for basic HSE appreciation. However I advise you do it with ISPON just to be on the good side of the Law governing the HSE Practise in Nigeria. Latter you can also do that of Novelle or any other training school’s which my be affiliated to other bodies overseas, if time and money permits.

After your Basics with ISPON, Novelle etc, you electricity bill payment hyderabad can then do NEBOSH IGC. The NEBOSH curriculum is bigger than ISPON’s, as such in my opinion, ISPON gives you the foundation for NEBOSH. The ISPON materials originate mainly from Shell while NEBOSH is also from of British curriculum. They have the same origin. They are almost the same. Just that NEBOSH has a bigger course content than ISPON. Also, doing ISPON first, makes NEBOSH simpler for a lot of people.

To be able to offer real life professional solutions you need to do courses on specialized areas within the HSE Engineering Discipline. E. G. Instrumentation, chemical reaction risk analyses, hazardous area classification, reliability/availability /maintainability or functional safety, chemical process safety, Human Factory and Ergonomics Designs (HFE), HAZOP/HAZID/HAZAN courses, LOPA/SIL courses e sampark electricity bill payment, Prevention Through Design (PtD), Piping and Instrumentation Design/Process Control and Safety, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Where possible, you can even do NEBOSH IDP which I say is the only HSE course that comes a little close to what I did when I studied Safety Engineering and Management in France. Yet NEBOSH IDP still doesn’t come close. E.G. Nuclear Safety for Nuclear Reactors and all the crazy safety calculations is NOT in NEBOSH 6 gas laws IDP, No! Things like Prevention through Design and Human Factor and Ergonomics in designing sitting positions for offices and control rooms and computer keyboards etc. you will never find in NEBOSH IDP.

Get to know gurus in the field and in many other works of life. Get to have their contacts. Send them happy new month SMS. Keep in touch with professionals and industry players. Keep these contacts in your phone. Intact where possible, have two phones/numbers.One for Professional Stuff and Immediate Family Members and Another for general friends/public/girl friends etc. I have a phone where I have professional contacts. That phone is also a library. I have professional books saved that I read if I am travelling, or waiting for someone etc.

Select an area you want to specialize in. One area you fancy ideal gas definition chemistry that you will make sure you know the inside and outside of it. An area you will know so well that people will pay you to even offer training to them. E.g. Reliability, availability and maintainability or Functional Safety as it is sometimes called. This Area of bias does not mean you will be ignorant in other aspects. No. By nature, you gas usa will see that there is an area of HSE that you just like and have more interest in. For me I love Chemical Process Safety. I love it so much I wish I could go back and read Chemical engineering.

This is what sets you apart and gives you the ideas for private practise/Consulting Services. This is what will determine if you can see opportunities in the field and in many industries where Supply of HSE Professional/Consukting Services cannot match Demand for that skill/technique/service. When you can identify these gaps quite easily, you then create the supply and steal a chunk arkansas gas tax of the market or all of the market demand opportunities.

I have friends who do tutorials in PTI Warri to students. Some are consultants on corrosion control and CP Systems.etc. Some offer training needs to companies. Some even recruit contract staff and supply to companies. The company might be willing to pay 100k per staff while when they recruit, they recruit guys willing to take 80k. Per staff per month, they keep 20k. There are many things out electricity 3 phase vs single phase there. They study the discipline,profession and market demand for expertise in many areas. They pick an area or multiple areas of interest and then offer/supply the services.

I hope I have been able to stimulate your mind. My disclaimer still remains. These are my personal opinions based on my own practise. You will also need luck. A lot of it. Especially in crazy Nigeria. Please Sir, Which institution in France did you get your MSc Safety Engineering and Management degree. That’s my prospective Masters degree course of study. Thanks Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by Nobody: 4:53pm On May 24, 2017