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Data visualization is the practice of converting data from raw figures into a graphical representation such as graphs, maps, charts, and complex dashboards. electricity outage houston Let’s see what makes it important (meaning), how it has developed (history), and exactly how it can work in real life (examples). Join us on Data Visualization 101, an introduction to dataviz and its power.

In fact, visually displayed data is easier to grasp and analyze, making it faster for decision makers to find patterns, including new and hidden, and to understand even difficult concepts. electricity cost per kwh south africa Charts, graphs, maps, dashboards — data visualization can be helpful in identifying issues and deficits, choosing the best product and business operation strategy, forecasting sales volume and stock prices, fine-tuning project management and resource administration, and so on and so forth. History of Data Visualization

The concept of data visualization is not new. Moreover, it has been around for centuries. The earliest and most obvious examples of dataviz projects are maps. 9game Then you have the pie chart which first showed up in the early 19th century. gas jeans usa A few decades later, Charles Joseph Minard used statistical graphs in order to map Napoleon Bonaparte’s Russian campaign of 1812, combining multiple metrics: the number of troops, temperature, distance, directions, and more.

Other notable milestones in the history of data visualization include but are not limited to works of Nicole Oresme, Joseph Priestly, and William Playfair. All of them greatly contributed to the dataviz progress. wd gaster cosplay tutorial Oresme was one of the greatest thinkers of the Middle Ages, and it could be said that he invented bar charts in the 14th century, although it was Playfair who later gave the bar chart the form we know today. Priestley, in his chart of biography, used a timeline with bars to compare multiple persons’ life spans. Playfair is also credited with the first use of area charts.

The idea of visualizing data kept evolving over time, and with the advent of computers and rapid growth of technologies, the discipline definitely took a quantum leap forward. electricity pick up lines Nowadays, even massive amounts of data — and big data itself — can be processed by dataviz software at a very high speed, opening up new exciting opportunities in the field of data analytics and business intelligence. Data Visualization Approaches and Examples

For example, you can use pie or donut charts to visualize a breakdown of the overall sales by retail channel or one of the total website traffic by user age; pyramid charts — OSI model or employee salary by management level; treemap charts — web traffic by source category (and by flow amount) or export directions by country of destination; funnel charts — sales funnels; etc. 3. Track Data Over Time

For example, you can use line, spline or area charts to visualize sales or web traffic over time; stock charts — stock price change (also along with technical indicators); OHLC and candlestick charts — stock price with a look into value fluctuation ranges within each of the numerous time periods; sparkline charts — overview of the sales performance within the last 12 months or football season win/loss results; etc. 4. Analyze Data Distribution

For example, you can use dot/scatter charts to visualize system interruptions by waiting time and by duration, or results of an experiment; bubble charts — training data by sportsman, power, and pulse; box-and-whisker charts — destinations by flight delay duration; error charts — variability of product sales; heat map charts — risk matrix; range charts — air temperature or processor downtime; polar charts — radio signal distribution; etc. 5. Evaluate Current Performance Data

Head to Chartopedia to learn about 60+ chart types, including how to use them right, data visualization examples, and more. Check the DataViz Weekly blog for even more examples of cool charts and infographics-based stories and projects, from all over the web. Read books to delve further into data visualization and charting, under the guidance of famous experts. power definition physics electricity Conclusion

By combining data visualization best practices with modern digital technology, many companies that have to deal with massive amounts of information can quickly analyze it and get data-driven insights in order to streamline various aspects of their operation. All industries, and all companies regardless of size and scope of work can benefit from dataviz and business intelligence it brings to life.