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Please. This is total BS. Apple was planning to close those stores anyway due to any number of financial reasons, and electricity outage houston tx they just decided to use the EDTX thing to distract people from the negativity of store closings or to score a few political points. There were only 7 cases filed against Apple in EDTX in 2018 – for a company as big as Apple that’s nothing. Compare to 17 cases in WDTX and 23 cases in NDCal. EDTX is not a legally significant problem for Apple.

407 million on just one case is significant for even Apple. It is why they are closing them. I’ve never seen them completely move out of an area that populated. It’s a very smart move on their part. They announced this less than a week after preemptively filing what are the 4 gas giants in the solar system in a California court to clarify that they are not infringing on a troll’s patents. 4 days later the Troll filed in East Texas. This is a new aggressive strategy by Apple and a smart one. If trolls want to come at them do it on their turf. Part of the reason electricity experiments for high school trolls argue to fight there was the number of tech cases heard there. A supposed experience level. Well, That dies now, because East Texas will not meet the standard of actively doing business there. That means they will have to go to the next Jurisdiction with experience. California or New York. Neither is troll friendly. Even Dallas proper is troll resistant. Can’t happen fast enough.

That’s really hard to gauge. Almost all litigation ends in voluntary dismissal or settlement. Apple list of electricity usage by appliances has not anytime recently and publicly actually had to pay a big loss stemming from EDTX. Sure they’ve had big jury losses there, but none that actually ended up in payment for one reason or another. Apple is also a notoriously aggressive defendant. I highly doubt they’re paying any nuisance troll settlements. They have the money and the motivation electricity billy elliot karaoke to file comprehensive IPRs and defeat the trolls that way.

The reason this logic is suspect anyway is because avoiding EDTX would not make Apple not get sued. EDTX is not an extreme outlier, as I said gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by above, several other jurisdictions are plaintiff-friendly for one reason or another. The cases that would have been filed in EDTX can be filed in NDTX, MDFL, DNV, or DOR, where the outcomes and procedures would be nearly the same. So Apple is not saving any money on attorneys or anything by exiting EDTX; the same cases will be filed in other jurisdictions where Apple will have to defend gas national average 2009 themselves just the same.

Think about it – this rumor would have you believe that the total cost of EDTX litigation that could not be filed anywhere else exceeds the revenue that Apple gets from those two stores. That can’t possibly be true! All that litigation would be filed somewhere else, and the 1% difference in plaintiff-friendliness maybe accounts for a few hundred thousand dollars in legal fees at most! Those stores definitely made more than that.

Indeed electricity generation by source by state, if I was Apple, I would be most concerned about EDVA, where the patent rocket docket means discovery begins almost immediately, the judges don’t like staying cases pending IPR, and judges do not take kindly to big corporations dragging their feed on responding ogasco abu dhabi to discovery requests. If I was a troll trying to get Apple to pay me $500k to go away real quick, I would file there and immediately serve Apple with fulsome discovery requests gasbuddy touch.

Ahead of the closures, Apple faces yet more patent litigation in the district. A group of limited liability companies under the Optis Wireless Technology, LLC (‘’) umbrella filed suit against Apple on Monday in East Texas, accusing the company of infringing on a portfolio of seven patents related to LTE standards.

The complaint, seen by MacRumors, alleges that all LTE-enabled Apple products, including various iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch models, infringe on the LTE patents. Optis Wireless and the other plaintiffs acquired many of the patents from Ericsson, Samsung gas news australia, LG, and Panasonic — read the full complaint [PDF] (‘’) for the exact patents.

The plaintiffs state that, not later than January 6, 2017, they sent Apple correspondence in an effort to license their essential patents to Apple on FRAND terms (‘’). The plaintiffs also allege meeting with Apple representatives on numerous occasions, but the parties gas utility did not reach a licensing agreement.

Not going to happen I know, but there should be no such thing as patent trolls. If you own power outage houston zip code a patent, you should have to make things using that patent. Or sell it to someone who does. If you are a manufacturer you should be able to hold patents you may use in the future. Companies should not be able to simply hold patent so they can try to sue someone and no one should be able to hoard patents just so they can sue to make money