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Time and again, Apple has created worldwide frenzy with the launch of iPhone 7 (the most awaited phone of 2016). Yet another engineering marvel from Apple stable in the mobile world, iPhone 7 is a super phone with the best hardware and the most advanced operating system (iOS 10) under its belt. Truly a "MASTERPIECE", iPhone 7 has raised the bar high and has set new industry standards when it comes to design, usability, performance & quality. Redesigned to Redefine

iPhone 7 is new in every right. For the first time ever, the iPhone has no geometrical lines on the back. It is made with the vintage and robust 7000 series aluminum. The 4.7 inch iPhone 7 has created new levels of precision and innovation with the enclosure being splash and water-resistant. The home button has been totally re-engineered and is now responsive than ever for faster unlocking and switching between apps. The phone also boasts of a brand new unibody design which further adds to the seamlessness of its looks. And, Apple for the first time has introduced the phone in super-classy matt black and high-gloss jet black color options apart from the signature rose gold, silver and gold finishes.

iPhone 7’s display gives a life-like experience to almost anything that is viewed on it be it messages, news, photos, or any other thing that you see. The phone uses the same color space as the digital cinema industry to make anything you see – rich, vivid and vibrant. A10 Chipset – Renews Your iPhone Using Experience

Apple has supercharged the iPhone 7 with the most powerful A10 chip which makes it faster and more efficient. The chip has two high-efficiency and two high-performance cores which explain the four-core design. The makers of the phone say that this will speed up the performance of the phone by two times. This chip also gives more time between charges which means up to two hours of extended usage. Too awesome to believe! Apple’s Camera Brilliance Reimagined

Cameras on the iPhones are the most popular in the world. Well, those have been redefined with the iPhone 7. The phone comes with a 12 MP primary camera that features an f/1.8 aperture, added optical image stabilization to reduce blur caused due to hand-shake and motions, and a 6-element lens which makes it extremely easy to capture sharp and great photos and 4K videos in low-lighting conditions. Advanced new features like wide color capture, faster focus, better local tone mapping and white tone balance makes the photos and Live Photos even better. Then there’s the 7 MP front camera with Quad-LED True Tone Flash and automatic image stabilization which adjusts as per the environment’s color temperature for sharper, naturally-looking and brightly lit selfies. Everything’s advanced, new and great in the iPhone 7’s camera. Cranked Up Speakers

Just like the new design, new chipset, the phone also has new speakers. iPhone 7 comes with stereo speakers, first time ever in an iPhone, which implies twice the audio output. This makes listening to music, watching videos, playing games, talking on speaker, more fun. Another improvement is that the phone comes with wireless earphones known as EarPods that have a lightning connector. However, those who would like to listen through their old earphones; they can use them using a 3.5 mm earphone jack adapter that’s included with the phone. Lightning fast wireless connectivity

iPhone 7 offers ultra-fast wireless connectivity – up to 866 Mbps with 802.1 ac with MIMO to be precise. This brings with it more power to browse, download and answer calls on third party apps with more clarity. Most Advanced Mobile OS – iOS 10

iPhone 7 did not just bring new features, it also brought the world’s most advanced operating system with it – iOS 10. Not just iPhone 7 users, all iPhone users will get the update. iOS 10 makes the interface beautiful and more easy-to-use. It gives intelligent suggestions, protects privacy and makes everything more fluid. The upgrade uses ‘Metal’ framework to provide amazing gaming experience and quick responsiveness.