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I purchased my first iPad this year (iPad 2018) which is one my most prized and life-changing devices I’ve purchased. I also decided to purchase the pencil along with it because I felt it was practical and a eco-friend. I’m a student who became increasingly conscious of how much paper I waste as scrap to draw diagrams or solve problems. I also LOVE using it while I paint my nails or am eating finger foods. The lag is microscopically small so it’s wonderful to write with but I’m not reviewing it for its functionality. There are just far too many small details that make owning one such an annoyance that I honestly regret the purchase, even if it made iPad use easier. It’s literally just its physical design. I hate it. I haven’t been able to toss that box it came in because all the required/spare parts are loose; the charging bit (female-female) and an extra tip for the pencil itself when the original wears out, are unsecured. electricity generation in california Not even a little pouch or clear baggy. They are very small and misplacing them is inevitable. Second, charging is such a pain because you have to remove the top (which begins to lose its magentism it seems; it comes off much easier now than it did several months ago), place the original top in a secure location while it charges since there is no storage pouch, and wait for it to charge for who-knows-how-long because there is NO way to tell. You also can NOT use it while it’s charging. electricity notes physics I was surprised to find it’s unusable while connecting to an Apple adapter! Lastly, I have no where to store this $100 device anywhere. There is no stand-alone pencil holder for this. I either have to put it back in its packaging box or keep an eye on it. Believe me, you WILL get tired of this. I don’t want people to underestimate how cumbersome it is OUTSIDE of its functionality. The design isn’t sensible at all. Not an even a cord in which one end connects to the cap and the other to the body of the pencil itself? What about a cap that’s hinged to the pencil? Or having the charging slot within the actual device, like all other devices? I mean really who designed this? This is what Apple employees believed was worth $100, before taxes? How embarrassing. And disappointing. I don’t know if they knew about these obvious deficiencies and let them be, to continue having people purchase their next pencils, one slightly better than the other. Not even interested in the improved version or 2nd Apple Pencil model at this point.

I purchased the pencil with an iPad a couple of years ago. electricity 2pm live My initial response was that it is unworthy of Apple’s reputation. It’s much too heavy to use for long, is really awkward to charge, the cap and adaptor are insanely easy to lose, & it’s lacking in features available in other devices of this type (such as a sense of virtual drag/friction — using it on the slippery iPad surface makes accuracy & control nearly impossible). I found over time that I primarily used it as a mere stylus since the control I was looking for in drawing or writing wasn’t there. Last week it just stopped working. It charges & pairs, but doesn’t do anything when I try to use it on the iPad. It can’t be repaired & is out of warranty so I was told my only option is to pay another $100 for a new pencil of the same unfortunate design. It would be nice if Apple would make some improvements to this version of the pencil to benefit disappointed customers or if they had made an effort to make the new version of the pencil compatible with older iPads. I’ve been an Apple fan for a lot of years, but they’ve been slipping in quality. My iPad, the Apple Pencil, & the Smart Keyboard I purchased together in 2016 have all had issues needing replacement or having to be sent back to Apple for fixes. For the price tags on Apple/Mac products, I expect better quality and longevity. Get it together Apple! I’m giving serious consideration to giving up on you!

I would have rated the Apple Pencil with a 5 had I been able to find a replacement for the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter. The pencil has worked great, holds its charge, charges quickly and I have had very few problems connecting to my ipad, and the problems I have had have been fixed quickly by plugging it in to the tablet…though I did have to forget and relearn device a couple of times at the beginning. The problem I have is with the charging adapter. gas buddy It is so small and easily lost. Once it few into a cup of coffee…just one of those weird freak accidents. Amazingly, it survived that, but somehow it got crushed. I don’t know how. gas examples It was in the case with my tablet and apple pencil, which were fine, but suddenly this thing was cracked the whole way down one side. I spent the total of an hour searching for a replacement on apple’s site, then on hold chatting with the world’s slowest techy as he basically did the same thing I already did, only to return and tell me he can’t find it. The part he found was male to female, not female to female. Not sure what the purpose of THAT is. So he said to go to my "local apple store" and see if they have it. Well, I have no "local" apple store. I’m in a very remote area, so how the heck am I supposed to replace this thing? ***Something so easily lost, easily damaged???*** Stupid. It wasted over an hour of my time, then apple paid their guy to waste 40 minutes doing what I did in 20! Did I already say stupid??? I hate buying third party replacements because they are never reliable in my experience. They work for a bit, then there’s an update and "ERROR. DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED." Buff

There is simply nothing like the Apple Pencil for the artist/creator. b games unblocked Apple knocked it out of the park on the first try. As a digital artist/illustrator in the field for 20 years I’ve had no other input tool be more impactful. It changed the game for me. It’s been the first input tool that has allowed me to do the things I’ve always wanted in the digital space. With it’s analog feel, it’s excellently designed body/weight, it’s perfect length, and awesome angular tip architecture. The iPad was always born to be a creation tool, and Apple Pencil feels truly made for it. It feels unified in a deep way. It has the feel of a tool when you hold it. Only Apple can pull something off like this. I simply would be lost w/out Apple Pencil. 10 gases We are lucky Apple made it. Because iPad Pro and IOS are the best platform for the Artist/Creator. This is something I asked for since 2010- I have to thank the teams for just getting it so right. Truly changed the game for me. I’ve been using it since 2015 and have no complaints, every time I pick it up to go in for work I know I’m going to have a blast. Couldn’t go without it. THANK YOU!