April ends with highest average gas price since 2014 electricity kwh cost uk


The same goes for the rest of Kansas, where the statewide average price is $2.55. The big news in USA crude production this week is in exports, which surged to 2.331 million barrels per day last week – the highest weekly estimate ever on record from the EIA.

"This will be the most expensive driving season since 2014", Tom Kloza, the service’s global head of energy analysis, tells The Associated Press. The U.S. has 1.1 million fewer barrels of oil than it did this time a year ago, according to the AP.

Terry Gallagher, who owns an Amityville-based sewer and water business, expects to pass on his company’s increased gas and diesel costs to his customers, many of whom are still hiring him to do work related to damage their homes sustained from superstorm Sandy in 2012, he said Monday at the QuickChek.

"There’s not a lot of good news for Vancouver drivers right now". However, these gains would have been more significant had the US not exported a record amount of fuel, the auto club said. Gas prices have gone up 45.3 cents since past year and is up 15.3 cents since last month.

Topeka- $2.54/g, up 4.8 cents per gallon from last week‘s $2.49/g. But he’s already weighing his options, saying if gas goes to $4 a gallon he’ll buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle to use as his main ride and drive the Land Cruiser only when he needs it. The smaller amount of available oil only exacerbated this rise in demand. OPEC’s price for crude exports is at a three year high.

Road trips are still the most family vacation option for those staying stateside, despite higher gas prices, Spiegel said. On the week, gasoline demand took a notable drop from its record high the previous week, falling by 774,000 barrels per day, according to the EIA. But the Commonwealth can rejoice in its prices being nowhere near west coast states such as California ($3.616), Hawaii ($3.608) and Washington ($3.293).

The company also says automation has improved safety in its facilities, an issue that has dogged the company in recent months. Model 3 production surpassed 2,000 cars per week only in the past month or so, which is far behind Musk’s initial timeline.

Globo TV reported some 150 people lived in the building, but most were not inside at the time of the fire and subsequent collapse. São Paulo Governor Márcio França said the building was an accident waiting to happen but that its residents had resisted leaving.

The National Guard tweeted that it will look into the incident. "The aeroplane just took off and quickly fell", said Brig. The C-130 is a transport workhorse for the U.S. military, and Parsons described the crashed aircraft as a cargo plane .

The prime minister accused the Congress of targeting Ballari like thieves and thugs, and destroying its rich history and legacy. The battle for the Karnataka Assembly is being fought as much in the cities and villages of the state as on social media.

The jihadist group on Thursday carried out an attack in Maiduguri, capital of neighbouring Borno state, that killed four people. Mubi is around 200 kilometres (124 miles) away from Maiduguri where last week‘s attack was the second in a month.

Nothing was going to keep James off the floor in what some Cleveland fans feared could have been his last game with the franchise. LeBron averaged 45.0 points per over the last three home games of the series against IN and posted a triple-double IN the opener.