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This new development is the first optical oxygen sensor with SCS interface (Simulation Clark-Sensor), for a perfect integration into running systems. electricity projects for 4th graders The ideal substitute for your existing oxygen sensors. Via the SCS interface downward compatible to classic oxygen sensors (galvanic isolation), works together with classic transmitters. Additionally, the sensor can be connected via the 4 to 20 mA current output or with a process control system (SPS). As acessoire, a PC-adapter (USB-RS485) is available, with which the sensor can be connected directly to a personal computer, and configures from there (Software for free), where just a net-device is needed and no external meter. The calibration is simple and only needed once as the calibration data can be stored in the sensor. The robust and simply exchangeable sensor cap has a warranty of 2 years. It guarantees stable values at once, little drift, quick reaction time, and all independent from incoming flow. b games zombie The sensor has no sensitivity towards H2S or CO2, but an automatic temperature compensation and malfunction diagnosis. Measrement range 0-20 mg/l, 0-200 % sat., resolution (at 25 °C) +/- 1 %, limit 0.1 %, reaction time < 60 s, temperature range -5 to +50 °C. The sensor can be delivered with an IP68 termination plug or with a fixed cable in different lengths. For mounting in a probe holder the sensor can be delivered optionally with a 1" process connector. year 6 electricity worksheets For fish farming there is a robust version with a biting-protection with nut inserts available for water depth up to 20 m. A display- and regulation system (for up to 8 sensors) is available as acessoire.

When it comes to automatically controlling and adjusting critical water parameters, it leaves nothing to be desired. Due to its flexible modular concept, the system is the perfect solution for most applications in aquatic environments. Apart from comprehensive timing functions, it provides measuring modules for the parameters of pH value, redox potential, temperature, conductivity, level (fill level), oxygen and air pressure. e gaskell Up to 8 sensors can be linked to the system in any requested combination. This allows, for instance, simultaneous pH value-measurement and adjustment in eight different pools – which is so far unique. Connection facilities for up to eight measuring modules in any requested combination allows for connecting up to 16 switching outputs (4×4) for control and adjustment functions measured data storage for 2000 measuring chains battery backed computer interface for PC-data evaluation with the software, capable of being network-integrated by LAN adapter, flash memory technology for update-function, automatic sensor identification and sensor testing, day/night simulation, lunar phase simulation, high/low tide simulation, flow simulation, timer clock functions, time interval functions, night modus, acoustic, optical and external alarm, etc.

The system provides greatest accuracy, ease of use, and maximum reliability. The systems are available as measuring/regulation systems with a switch socket and mains adapter for permanent operation. electricity voltage in norway Besides its accomplished design, its practical special functions are thoroughly convincing, too. It is this facility that gives you the overall picture of your past readings thus quickly revealing any trends. The systems can be extended, even at a later date, to form a measuring and regulation system designed for permanent operation, simply by connecting the optionally available power station. An integrated alarm function assures greater safety. You can select an upper as well as a lower alarm setting. gsa 2016 calendar If, for whatever reason, one of these alarm settings is reached, the Power Station switch socket will be turned off. At the same time the alarm status will be appear on the display. electricity cost by state The result is a reliable and effective prevention of damage. Microprocessor-controlled, Alarm function, Large display panel, Manual / automatic storage of measurements (up to 470 readings), Automatic transition to energy-saving mode when being run on batteries, Battery check, Semi-automatic calibration with sensor test (for pH, redox, conductivity, oxygen), High-quality, low-maintenance sensors.

The software is the central and convenient solution for controlling, adjusting and analyzing all industrial measurement and control systems. At just one glance, the user can check out if everything is okay – and interfere if necessary. Internet connection allows for controlling and adjusting the system even from remote PCs. It allows for analyzing and controlling the data measured by up to 255 industrial systems in one central PC. Allows for configuring all system parameters from PC, allows for status e-mails and SMS alarms, data base and graphical presentation of measured data and measured value evaluation.