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If you came across this kind of fraud company I request this is quite big blog, but please spent some time to read and don’t invest even don’t visit such kind of fishing companies who will take your money which you earned with all your hard work.

It’s totally fraud company. Guys, please don’t fill any voucher in any mall, cinemas, big bazar, hypercity, shopping fest, or whatever it may be. The voucher sales person allure u with the facility of voucher, but their main aim is to make u join company like arabian time travel.

# in that session they will give u one survey form to judge ur capability of paying money. They will show u brochure containing list of 5 star hotels like grand hyatt, jumeirah beach hotel etc saying that they had a tie up with them. But the reality is they don’t have tie up, even they won’t share the brochure when u ask them in future.

When u attend the session they will offer u a travel package for 5, 10, 30 years (according to ur capability) with lots of facilities like 5 star hotels booking, health insurance card, gold gym life time registration facility, d-mart voucher every months, good unisex saloon vouchers which inclused spa’s and massage packages. They will start from huge amount, and if u r not capable to pay that amount, they will allure u with lots of benefits, and convince u somehow by decreasing the amount and additional facilities.

# during the session, they make environment full of pressure, they won’t leave u alone for discussion even for a moment, even they capture ur mind in such a way that they provide every solution of ur doubt by making fake promises. They play loud music in the background, so that u can’t hear deal going on, in the next table. Even if u agree, suppose for 5year package at the amount of 1 lakh, it is quite possible that they are offering the same package to other people on the other table at the amount of 70000. From this u can judge that how fraud the company is.

# they are in such a hurry to take payment that, they wanted to swipe the card before u have signed the agreement. Even they won’t let u read the documents properly. It is written in the agreement that "the package offered are non-cancellable and nonrefundable". But the sales person will convince u that, if u don’t want u can cancel it any time, they will give u mental pressure by saying such things: today is last day, offer is only for u, if u missed it, u will not get such offers.

I am sorry to hear about your experience. I was aware of such scams and when we received the winner call from Arabian Time Travel based on a lucky draw held at a concert venue, I clearly advised my wife not to go after it. However she said few of her friends got their gifts without making any commitments and so I decided to accompany her to a Hotel in Deira since it was a weekend.

The exact scenario you have mentioned above was replayed and since I was non-committal from the beginning they kept on reducing the offer price. Since I have a background in contracts, it was easy to spot the discrepancies from what was being verbally said and printed on the Contract. Written Contracts have precedence over verbal assurances in most jurisdictions and these people are trying to take undue advantage of common people.

Three different people tried to convince us how lucrative their offer is – they will begin with a survey of your travel aspirations and dig further from there. They will even try to ask personal questions like who is the decision maker in the family.

While trying to convince me with a contract typed in plain A4 sheets, there was loud party music in the back ground which was absolutely unprofessional in an environment where one would sign a Contract. The intention is to distract your attention. They would from time to time announce that another family has signed up for their wonderful offer and loud applause would follow. They showed me at least 4 different papers showing credit card slips and details of contracts made that day.

I clearly informed them that I have heard about such scams and as such cannot commit anything in a hotel lobby and would do so only if it was a brick and mortar office. To that they played the card of emotionally getting upset for insulting their company and I did not buy it.

When I mentioned that how one can trust contract made in plain A4 papers, they said it is their copy and showed me the original Contract in glossy paper. They could not answer how they were able to show me the customers original Contract which makes it clear that they are con-men.