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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 29, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Relativity Research is excited to announce the launch of its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Gas prices in michigan This campaign is designed to raise $500,000 for the Astronaut Training Program, specifically to identify, recruit and train STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) candidates for future manned missions into deep space on board the Aten Spacecraft.

The Aten Space Vehicle is the world’s only interstellar spacecraft which uses a non-linear mode of flight giving it the capability of traveling into deep space in a fraction of the time it currently takes. Eseva electricity bill payment The Aten saves billions of dollars by not utilizing fuel and by using an electro-gravitational propulsion system, it solves the problem of having refueling stations in space, and produces no harmful side effects to the astronauts. Electricity definition wikipedia The Aten Space Vehicle is the key to a sustainable future of space exploration for mankind.

The Aten’s Indiegogo campaign offers some historic and unique rewards for backers. Gas efficient suv 2008 Some of the rewards being offered, starting at $1 up to $100, are having your name laser engraved on the actual spacecraft, being announced as one of the original backers of this historic project during the pre-flight roll call ceremony, and getting access to a real-time, live stream of the inaugural flight of the Aten and whatever it discovers. 8 gas laws For those looking to invest a little more money, you can have your business or company advertise on the Aten during its first historic mission to space. La gastronomia There are a total of ten perks, 8 main perks and 2 secret perks.

“We are excited about our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo because it’s a major step towards creating a space program that the general public can be part of,” stated Relativity Research Chairman and CEO, Ramesh Kris Nathan, Ph.D. Gas yoga Relativity Research’s main goal is to help mankind realize its true purpose in the universe. Electricity lab physics Robert Garcia, Co-Founder and COO, stated, “Our true goal of this crowdfunding campaign and the reason why the majority of our perks are less than $100 is because we want huge numbers of the public involved in our space program. Victaulic t gasket By accomplishing this, it will allow us to involve the public in space exploration and open the door to a completely transparent, and honest space program that can benefit the human race.”

The Aten Space Vehicle will be the first spacecraft to be deployed by the Intergalactic Space Command, a Relativity Research space program that plans to explore the depths of space and one day colonize planets beyond the galaxy.

Relativity Research, Inc. Wb state electricity board bill pay is the world’s most forward thinking space research and technology company focusing on researching, developing, and manufacturing advanced space vehicles and equipment. Gas bubbler The company was founded in 2008 and has been researching and developing methods for interstellar space flight, artificial intelligence extraterrestrial roving vehicles, and computerized radio and optical telescopes. Gas vs diesel prices Relativity Research also develops other technologies in the fields of deep sea research, astronomy, biotech, and energy. Gas bloating frequent urination The company believes in building solutions for the further advancement of mankind. Electricity notes For more information, please visit

Link: Relativity Research Launches Indiegogo Campaign for the World’s First Interstellar Spacecraft Boeing Delivers Advanced Satellite Communications Network to Mexico

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Aug. Electricity jeopardy 4th grade 25, 2016 – Boeing [NYSE:BA] has delivered one of the world’s most advanced satellite communications systems to Mexico, one that opens high-speed data and voice communications to the entire country including some previously unserved areas.

After successfully completing its final tests, the Mexsat system was today formally accepted by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

Mexsat provides 3G+ voice and data services to mobile terminals on land, air and sea, enhancing the country’s national security, civil and humanitarian programs. Bp gas prices The system is operated by Telecomunicaciones de Mexico (Telecomm) on behalf of the government.

“Boeing, working closely with the Ministry, has developed a state-of the-art, turnkey satellite system providing critical communications services throughout the country,” said Mark Spiwak, president, Boeing Satellite Systems International. Gas laws worksheet “With more than 30 years’ experience building satellites for Mexico, Mexsat enhances an already strong relationship with an important customer.”

Boeing designed, integrated and delivered the system, which includes two satellites, two network and satellite control stations, associated network operations procedures and prototype user terminals. V gashi 2012 The final field tests were completed within 10 months following the launch of the Morelos-3 satellite. 9gag wiki The tests involved exercising the 3G+ services such as voice calls, push-to-talk, internet video sessions, asset tracking, voice mail and text messaging over secure links to prototype terminals on ships, planes, vehicles, handheld devices and fixed sites.

In 2016 Boeing celebrates 100 years of pioneering aviation accomplishments and launches its second century as an innovative, customer-focused aerospace technology and capabilities provider, community partner and preferred employer. Gas in babies Through its Defense, Space & Security unit, Boeing is a global leader in this marketplace and is the world’s largest and most versatile manufacturer of military aircraft. Gas tracker Headquartered in St. 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect Louis, Defense, Space & Security is a $30 billion business with about 50,000 employees worldwide. Yoga gas relief pose Follow us on Twitter: @BoeingDefense.