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Yes it’s the same tank. $200 is a good price for a used tank. Plan on 3-4 hrs for the job if you’re mechanically inclined. There are 2 quick disconnect lines on the front of the tank which are easier to get to on the 23 gallon scab/26 gallon screw but you have to look harder or feel to connect on the 36 gallon tank since the tank is longer. Then you have the 3 lines to disconnect on the fuel pump area after when you lower it. The hardest part of when Installing it is the fuel filler neck. It’s a new truck so at least you don’t have to deal with rust like the older vehicles which I’m used to. You can still use your existing tank straps.

You also have to get another fuel pump which aka the extended range one. It can be had between $150-$170 at your local dealer which is cheap. It does come with a gasket which you have to buy separate. You probably don’t need it but it’s good to replace it for cheap insurance. It can’t hurt.

After when it’s installed, your DTE in your instrument cluster will still read as if you still have the original tank. It will countdown slower than normal. In order to change it to properly calculate the DTE on the new tank, you have to have a Forscan software on your laptop to change the coding. You can download it for free and after when it’s downloaded, you have to apply for a free extended license that lasts for 2 months. You can buy a knockoff ELM327 cable on eBay/Amazon for $25-30 shipped to your door. It plugs in to the OBD2 port in your truck to the USB port on your computer. There is a coding chart for that on here. Or if it doesn’t bother you then you can leave it alone if you want. Any other questions, feel free to ask. We are here to help. I have done this to my 2017 upgrading from the stock 23 gallon tank. Best upgrade I’ve done on that truck. My wallet doesn’t like it but it’s always a beautiful thing to have extra fuel on board. Especially when towing a trailer, family traveling, or have long commutes back and forth to work. Now I have an 18 and have ordered it from the factory with the 36 gal tank.

Yup, my tank was $156 or so. Make sure if you buy a salvage tank that the salvage yard didn’t cut the internal fuel pump line, that happened to me and it was a mild PITA. Reconnecting the fuel filler hose is an absolute B!TCH, other than that, swap isn’t too hateful, just some odd plugs to disconnect / reconnect. If you consider yourself very mechanically inclined, go for it. If you are a noob, you will probably get frustrated or break a plug / connection along the way.

Good luck That’s about what I paid for my used tank but I had to drive an hr and a half to get it. I have an 07 prius that I use for a work/errand car so it costed me $7-8 round trip to pick it up. That internal fuel line wasn’t cut which i was fortunate. That sucks that yours was cut. It did not the include the fuel pump. It was scratched up on the bottom but I had the skid plate to cover it up. I accidentally broke the small filler neck overflow line clip so I had to buy a uclip from thr parts store which I knew its not the right clip but I used electrical tape to tape the clip on there since there’s no pressure going through it anyway. I couldn’t buy the oem clip since I have to buy a new filler neck which wasn’t worth to do so.