Are bins that claim to collect for charity what they appear to

HOUSTON – They are everywhere: Charity donation bins. E payment electricity bill mp They are set up in grocery store parking lots and in shopping strips all over town to collect clothes, shoes and anything else people want to donate.

“I’ll just throw the bag in there, real convenient,” she said. Gas arkansas “I donate my clothing to charities that need the clothing or to a company that will sell it, and take the money to use for other things. 1940 gas station photos For food, for medical supplies, stuff like that. Gas jewelry That’s why I’m donating.”

Steve Lufburrow, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Houston, said people are trained to drop in the bins out of convenience, and because the bins state they are collecting for “charity.” But he warns donors should do their homework to find out if their donations are actually going to a charitable organization in town.

Channel 2 Investigates decided to place a GPS tracker inside a purse and place it inside a donation bin. Electricity year 6 The purse was put inside of one of the 80-plus Houston-area bins with a Cancer Federation logo affixed to it.

But what the label doesn’t state is both Charity Watch and Charity Navigator give the Cancer Federation its lowest grades, an F grade with Charity Watch and a 1 with Charity Navigator.

Charity Watch is a charity watchdog, which rates and evaluates nonprofit organizations to help donors make informed decisions when making charitable donations.

President and founder Daniel Borochoff said Charity Watch has rated Cancer Federation for many years and gives the nonprofit an F, because over 60 percent of the spending goes to overhead and other expenses.

“It’s actually even worse, because they don’t even disclose the value of what’s donated and how much of that is going to charity, because they have arrangements with thrift shop operators that will give a portion of an undisclosed secret portion of the income to the charity, but we don’t know how much. Electricity dance moms It’s not disclosed,” he said.

Of the three Texas medical schools the Cancer Federation’s website claims to support, Channel 2 Investigates found one is non-existent, one has no record of getting donations from “Cancer federation” and the other receives about $959 per year.

“The donor needs to ask who’s doing the asking?’ Who’s putting up these donation boxes and what kind of contractual agreement do they have with the charity?” Borochoff said.

In the instance of the GPS-enabled purse, Channel 2 Investigates tracked its movement to a non-descript warehouse on the northeast side of town.

Channel 2 Investigates discovered Green City Recycler actually owns the Cancer Federation donation bins in Houston. Shell gas credit card 5 The owners gave a tour of the facility, where they sort thousands of pounds of clothes, shoes, books and household goods.

Green City Recycler sells, in bulk, the items collected from these bins for profit. Grade 9 electricity test What they give the Cancer Federation is a “flat fee.” They will not reveal how much.

Thinking about donating your spring cleaning items to a drop-off donation bin? Not so fast, the BBB offers tips for donation or recycling bins.

Chances are you have seen a drop-off clothing bin, near shopping centers, grocery stores or even gas stations. Quadcopter gas motor Red, green, blue or white, whatever color, these bins are hard to miss. Electricity 101 video But have you ever dropped clothing off at these bins? Have you considered it?

Most people like to clean out their closets around springtime, and what better way to rid yourself of the clothing and other items you do not want than to make a one-stop donation at a donation bin? It all goes to charity after all, right? Well, maybe.

The BBB advises the public to be wary of who they are donating to and to verify who owns these clothing bins or drop boxes. 3 gases It may or may not be a charity.

Before giving anything, be sure to check out the company or charity at, use the search bar to the left. Electricity generation by source by country The most recent BBB charity reports will be available. Static electricity in the body effects Here, people will be able to verify if it is a legit charity or a scam.

Call the number listed on the bin. Electricity tower vector Look for a bin with the name of a reliable charity the donor trusts. Electricity sound effect mp3 free download Do not give if a charity name is not listed on the bin. Electricity office If there is fine print on the outside of the bin, read it to see where the donated or recycled items are taken.

Ask if the bins belong to a for profit business. Static electricity human body If the bin claims proceeds will benefit a charity, contact the business before donating and ask for more information. Gasco abu dhabi salary Specifically, ask how much is the charity actually receiving out of the donations? Be wary of the claim “all proceeds will go to charity.” If encountered, contact the Houston BBB.

Verify if the charity is affiliated with the clothing bin. Electricity production in north korea If anyone has questions about what items the charity accepts, call them directly and check. Gas variables pogil answers extension questions Do not donate if contact information is not posted.

It’s best to donate directly at the charity’s physical location. V gas station This way, donors know for sure who will benefit from the items, who the charity is, and they may learn more about the charity’s mission and programs.

If someone gets a phone or mail solicitation offering a pick-up for used clothing and other items, don’t assume that the donation will benefit a charity thrift store. 101 gas station The BBB Wise Giving Alliance advises the public to give the same careful consideration for their donated clothing, furniture and other goods as they would for cash donations to charity.

Thrift shops vary greatly in how their sales actually benefit charities, and most are not even run by a charity. Electricity quotes by benjamin franklin According to the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops, of the 250,000+ resale and thrift stores in the US, only 30 percent are managed by a charity. Gas meter reading And while the name of a store may identify the charitable affiliation, charity-sounding names have been used by for profit stores with little or no connection to charity.

Don’t hesitate to ask what charity will benefit from the donation and how. Gas 69 For example, will the items be sold in a charity thrift shop, distributed to families in need, and/or re-sold to a third party to convert for other uses?

Don’t assume that all thrift stores are run to benefit a charitable cause. Gaston y la agrupacion santa fe If in doubt, ask the store to identify the charity it’s affiliated with and then contact the charity to verify the arrangements.

For drop-off boxes that are often placed in shopping center parking lots, see if there is a phone number on the bin. Gas in dogs stomach Call for information. Gas welder job description Expect straight answers. R gas constant Be wary of unfamiliar names.