Are nigerians allergic to any food – food – nigeria gas and bloating pain


In the West, the reason many of them are prone to food allergies is because they were not bosom-fed as infants. Human milk contains a lot of immune-building hormones, immunoglobins, and proteins. So, those western babies that were fed cow milk (Infant formula) did not get much of these essential hormones, and as a result, they can not properly ingest certain types of proteins in foods which then results to allergies.

Take Lactose Intolerance for example. It is a disorder that arises as a result of the direct inability to digest the disaccharide lactose (found in milk). While growing up, African children are fed evaporated milk or powdered milk. The heat-treatment used for the processing of these kind of milks have destroyed the lactose, so there is no need for the babies to develop the enzyme that digests lactose. Then, as adults, when they move to Western countries and consume fresh milk, they start having lactose intolerance (diagnosed by too much gas in the large intestine).

This is where the chemical additives you were speaking of earlier may come into play. Some kinds of additives or preservatives used in foods can definitely kill you or damage something in your system. Some of these build up over time and start causing problems at the adult stage.

i was allergic to eggs as a child. i think i outgrew the allergy somewhere along the line but don’t know for sure as i didn’t start eating eggs till i was 19. then i noticed i have a kind of intolerance to eggs; i can eat a pack of 10 eggs over a period of one month to 6 weeks without any problem. but if i eat eggs for about 3 or more consecutive days then i develop mild symptoms.

also, i noticed last year that i’m sensitive to groundnuts. i get allergic symptoms (oral & ear) everytime i eat boiled groundnuts. as for the roasted groundnuts, i’ve only noticed symptoms when i ate a lot at once, or ate them quite frequently.

African children on average,even with all the nightmares mothers face are born healthy and able but in the west,with all the cares and protections almost one in twenty births are in some way deformed or diseased.Yes i agree infant mortality is higher in africa mainly due to complications at birth and poor public hygiene but infant disability is considerably lower for now compare to the west.

NATURE IS THE KEY TO UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHHNG! Human excessiveness ( new method of growing fruits & animals, fishes etc with d total disregard to d natural process) brought about many ailments as well some allergies. God placed people of different races and cultures at d ideal and appropriate locations for their development be spiritual, cultural even regarding d foods for a healthy living. But in d course development and movement from one nation/region to d other there are bound 2b changes in our body responses to certain things i.e, FOODS, i believe d best we could do is to study ourselves and adjust gradually to d new environment/foods etc. because nature will always find a balance. Imagine a man who was raised eating nigerian dishes from birth, he then moved abroad, lets say europe he’ll need to adjust 2d new foods there in order avoid health problems. Things like this at times brings about allergies THOUGH NOT IN ALL CASES. I BELIEVE UNDERSTANDING NATURE & OURSELF WILL DEFINITELY BRINGS ABOUT A HEALTHY LIVING! Re: Are Nigerians Allergic To Any Food? by londoner: 12:31am On Dec 21, 2009