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Let’s pretend that gas x while pregnant you are about to read an informative and entertaining article from an “industry expert.” Hopefully you can glean something from this that you will find informative, but aside from spending 20+ years in this industry without causing any major fires, I’m hardly an expert. On anything. Let’s also pretend that you are the cutting-edge, business-savvy head of your trucking company’s Driver Recruiting Department, and you’ve recently made the decision that in order to compete in today’s driver recruiting market, you must follow the lead of our great politicians and get out 9gag and go to where the people are!

The companies who produce truck shows tell us that our people (the professional truck driver) congregate at their events, so we must pay them money to go shake hands, kiss babies, make promises, and hire professional truck drivers. The three major truck shows held every year are Louisville tropico 5 power plant in the Spring, Walcott in the Summer and Dallas in the Fall. Once you decide which shows you’ll be attending, it’s time to start evaluating how to prepare. CAN YOU AFFORD TO GO TO A TRUCK SHOW electricity inside human body?

We’re not talking the overall cost to attend a truck show, but rather what can you expect to get once you’ve spent the money? Of course, you know, as the cutting-edge business-savvy head of Recruiting, that unlike the previously mentioned politicians, your attendance at one or all of these shows must be able to show a positive Return On Investment (ROI). You can measure your ROI in any number of ways, but you must measure it regardless, and I will promise you that the only return your boss cares about is how many hires their investment produced (they’re funny that way).

In ten gas bubble disease years working in a Driver Recruiting Department, I registered for and attended one truck show, the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, during my tenure at a large Midwest-based carrier. As a career C-student, I was unable to manufacture numbers that provided an ROI for me to register and attend a second one, and I wanted to go back because there electricity problem in up is a lot to learn, a lot of great networking opportunities, and of course, entire bars dedicated to bourbon. Here are some of the measurements and thought processes that need to be evaluated before making your own decision. DRIVER LEADS VS. HIRES

When we went to Louisville, times were a little different in the trucking industry. We did electricity quiz and answers not use the Internet, we did not have drip-marketing campaigns, and we didn’t even harvest lead information. A driver read your ad in the local newspaper and called you. If they qualified you talked to them; if they didn’t, you hung up and answered the next call. As a result of the times, the only measurement bosses cared about back then was hires. Period.

For sake of argument, let’s assume that you have a portable display to put in your rented booth space that is up-to-date and gas 10 ethanol represents your trucking company’s culture and message. If not, even a small table-top gas 1981 display will cost you about $2,000. Want a display that gets noticed in the sea of bright lights, flashy dresses and free pencils? Start at about $8,000. But again, YOU are ahead of the game and you’ve already got the display you need.

I’ve spent the last 20 years on the other side of the Driver Recruiting fence with and I can, at risk of losing my cool advertising guy image, tell you that these truck shows are fantastic for us Media-types. YOU electricity experiments elementary school pay the air-fare, hotel, meals, etc. and WE have you cornered in a 10 x 10 space to pitch our services……isn’t that GREAT? Yeah, not so much for you, unless I happen to be the rep in your booth. I’m charming.

Using hypothetical numbers, let’s say that your Cost Per Lead is $5.00. We have established that it will cost right around $7,500 to attend electricity song billy elliot a truck show, depending on how ready your organization already is. Simple math (check it, remember that I am a career C-student), tells us that you’ll need to get 1,500 driver leads during that truck show to keep pace with what your current advertising is providing.

Is that feasible? If you’re going to expand one month’s budget by $7,500+, would it be better spent on proven driver recruitment advertising, including my personal favorite gas 87 89 91…a bigger presence advertising your trucking company on These are the questions that you and your team need to answer before making your own decisions about truck show attendance.