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I was on zopiclone (7.5mg) for about 2 1/2 years taking 2 pills a night, I figured I could just go off and on them like pepsi! But I couldn’t do it, I needed more and more, I went to all the clinics and doctors to get them. Then finally I went to my real family doctor and he put me on a 2 week weaning process which got me down to 1 per night, and then after that I was on none and no withdrawal symptoms. The way that he did this was he prescribed serquel(100mg) per night with the zopiclone, plus 2 amitriptaline(20mg) and all of a sudden within two weeks I was totally off the zopiclone as the sercquel had taken its place, as well as the amitriptyline. Now what you may be thinking is i’m just exchanging one drug for another! But that’s not true gas and water company, because you see sercquel and amitriptyline are non addictive drugs, they contain nothing that will trick your brain into wanting more and more, and you still sleep at night eventually whenever you want you can j gastrointest oncol impact factor stop taking the sercquel and amitriptyline whenever you want, you could take these 2 drugs for a year and have no addiction. That’s just my 2 cents, and it worked for me, may not work for you but at least you can say you tried.

i enjoy that taste in a mess with zopiclon..iv been taking them for years on and off, initially from my doctor…she had me on them for about 6 months, unknown to me was how addictive they were…a year on and having given birth to my son, i was a single parent with not much support, i was never a very good sleeper naturally and was trying to sleep when my son slept but this became impossible and i went weeks without a wink of sleep, i knew zopiclon could help, so i found an internet site i could get them from as my doctor would not prescribe me zopiclon again after the 6 months i was on them pre pregnancy… anyway as i had some knowledge of zopiclon from before, still not fully understanding the extent to which i would become dependant on them, i started taking them, after my son was born to help me sleep during the day…this turned into a habbit wher i have reached the point, 23 months down the line where i am taking about 8-10 7.5mg tablets a day just to feel normal…i am so scared to stop taking them as i have went cold turkey before and it was awful…i got to the point were the worst of the symptoms were easing..but the day after that more tablets arrived that i had ordered…i am at a point now where i need to stop taking them before it ruins anymore of my life!!!!…im going to attempt a weaning regime, i cant tell my doctor as i am worried if i do tell my doctor, my son may be taken from me and i may even lose my job so only way is to stop them myself..thanks gas vs diesel rv for your story!..i hope you manage to stop completely as i know from experience they are highly addictive..

yes i was on zopiclon low dose, well 3.5 and citalopram 4 years ago…my doctor didnt monitor my zopiclon intake closely and i was quickly put up to 7.5’s for 3 months, (it only took me a few days to really enjoy the effects of zopiclon and looking back was probably addicted some point during they 3 months), i had to be weaned off them and was never allowed to be prescribed them from my doctor again..i was unaware of the problems i would end up with…i have now been taking them on and off for 4 years and i get them from the internet, not exactly the bst way to do it, but i have become so dependant, realisation gas blower will not start how dependant has been in the last year!. i take 8-10 a day, just to feel normal , i am also on mirtazipine, a very strong anti-anxiety tablet, i am at the point i need to stop taking them so am going to try and wean myself of for good…i have went cold turkey before and it was awful, but cold turkey abviously never worked for me as im back on them and at a very high level!!…be carefull, as these little harmless tablets can be the devil in disguise!!..

I was addicted to zopiclone for about 4 years, mixing gas works park fireworks it heavily with alcohol. i live in eastern europe, so the crap used to sell without a prescription everywhere like aspirin. i started taking it only because i liked the way it felt – like i was so confindent and it made me feel i could do anything. but then i just started losing control, acting crazy and inadequate and just freaking people out, especially when i started mixing with alcohol. i don’t like alcohol by itself, i without the zopiclone i don’t even enjoy it, but with the pills i would drink so much, and would completely black out afterwards. i’ve had some pretty scary things happen to me with those blackouts, and i’m kinda glad i don’t remember in detail what was happening. anyway, i almost completely ruined my life with that crap. the first year it wasn’t that bad, i could control myself and could remember what happened the next day. But after about a year and a half, i just totally lost myself, i just wasn’t MYSELF.the stuff brings out the worst in you.after a year i was so tolerant i was taking up to 30 pills a day! i’m clean now for about a year, cause the stuff doesn’t sell without a prescription anymore, and i don’t know how to get one, i haven’t tried. i didn’t feel any withdrawl symptoms at all, which i thought was strange, just a bit depressed because i can’t feel that confident about myself without the pills. but at least i don’t act like an idiot in front of people anymore. don’t go back to that c gastronomie vitam stuff, i don’t know how damaging the stuff is to your body (it obviously can’t be good), but it messes with your head, and people will forever see you as a psycho freak while you’re on it.