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Say what you want about the Argos, and a lot has been said, all of it bad, about a team that hasn’t looked good in dropping two straight, but no one can ever accuse them of not being afraid to make moves to better the franchise.

GM Jim Barker didn’t even have a contract beyond 2015 and yet he went out and used the team’s first-round pick to select Sean McEwen, who is turning into a real piece along the line of scrimmage.

And now comes news that Keon Raymond has been shown the door, a move the team would announce hours after they made available Ricky Ray, who is back from a knee injury and who will start against B.C. Electricity edison in Toronto’s next game on Aug. Thitima electricity sound effect 31, and head coach Scott Milanovich.

Barker and Milanovich have shown during the past years how no player is exempt when they either compromise the team goal or are simply not playing up to a high standard.

Raymond’s final game as an Argo came against Edmonton, the linebacker returning an interception for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage.

In a nutshell, Raymond hasn’t been able to sustain his level of play and the move to release him, unless there was hidden agenda, must be viewed as a football move with the inevitable financial fallout.

With the Grey Cup being played in Toronto this fall, the Argonauts went for the fences, signing veterans with the stated goal of winning now and not worrying about next season or the following years.

Kent Austin turned Hamilton around, followed by Chris Jones in Edmonton and then the second-year Redblacks appeared in the Grey Cup last season.

For what it’s worth, the move to release Raymond clearly gets the attention of players and it’s a sign at how anything and everything is possible when you lose to Winnipeg and Edmonton at home in rather one-sided games when Toronto led, respectively, 10-0 and 8-0, before the wheels came off.

These are interesting, some could argue troublesome, times in Argoland and Raymond’s release reinforces how no player, save for Ray, is safe, how everyone is judged on performance and when performance slides a player is summoned out of town.

Everyone, it seems, is providing unsolicited advice for Ricky Ray, from his wife, dad, teammates and just about anyone the quarterback happens to meet or deal with during his daily routine.

When he releases the ball from the pocket, the Argos quarterback has a history of watching the throw and not moving his feet to elude any potential trouble, even when there is no hint of peril.

A knee injury knocked Ray out of the July 25 game against visiting Montreal, a dubious play featuring now-released Als defensive lineman Vaughn Martin, who hit Ray well after the quarterback delivered the ball.

He’ll start against B.C., Toronto’s next game, on Aug. Electricity jokes riddles 31 as the team hits the CFL’s mid-way mark followed by Toronto’s Labour Day visit to the Hammer and the return game against the Ticats at BMO Field on Sept. Gas vs electric stove cost 11.

There’s no one more accurate, perhaps ever, than Ray and he does give the Argos their best shot of turning around their season, which sits at 4-4.

When he hurt his knee, the same left knee, against the same team, Ray had thrown just one interception, a tipped ball at the line of scrimmage Simoni Lawrence returned for a touchdown in Week 1.

There were throws defensive backs should have intercepted, picks that were called back on penalties, but Ray was improving and that’s all one can ask for a guy who battled a shoulder injury last season.

“I feel comfortable with what I’m doing out there,’’ said Ray when comparing last year’s late-season return to this year’s comeback from an injury setback. Eon gas card top up “Having a full week of practice will help.”

“I can’t put everything the last two games all on that position, but having your starting quarterback means a lot,’’ said head coach Scott Milanovich. Hp gas online booking hyderabad “There’s a calmness, a sense of trust, I think, on both sides of the ball that when you have your No. Was electricity invented during the industrial revolution 1 back you can win any game at any point.”

“I’ve had a lot of people say: ‘Why do you just stand there when you throw the football?’ It’s what I’ve always done. Shale gas in spanish Everyone’s telling me to backpedal out of there, fall down. Gas tax in texas Been getting a lot of advice on what to do after I get rid of the football.

“I don’t know at this point if I can change anything. J gastroenterol This one was different because all the other ones were bang, bang. Z gas guatemala This one was a little unique because I felt it was a few seconds after I threw it. Gas pain Maybe if I have that much time I can move away a bit.”

Scott Milanovich can’t pinpoint what went wrong with Logan Kilgore, unable to summon any one reason why the backup quarterback looked so shaky in the Argos’ last two losses after looking decent in his starting debut.

“He had a good first game (in Ottawa) and some things went wrong in the second game (against Winnipeg) and honestly not all was his fault,’’ said the head coach. O goshi judo “When you haven’t played a lot and you haven’t had much success it’s easy to lose your confidence. Electricity units of measurement I don’t know if that’s what happened.

“We got caught in a buzz storm against Edmonton where before you know it and I looked up at halftime and they had 375 yards of offence and we had 70. Gas after eating bread It can happen quickly for a young quarterback and he just has to go back to work, get his confidence back, gets another shot and takes advantage of it.”

Inexperience, conceded Milanovich, played a factor, Kilgore in his second year after spending virtually all of his rookie season watching from the sideline.

“I would have loved to see him have another good game … Gas x strips after gastric sleeve and who knows where his confidence would have been had that happened,’’ added Milanovich. Gas mask drawing “It didn’t and now he has to fight back and battle through it.”

Rookie QB Cody Fajardo, who came in for Kilgore, has a shoulder injury and he’ll be out anywhere from four to six weeks with a strained joint.