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NFL owners may vote this week to slap a 15-yard penalty on teams that don’t stand during the National Anthem. The protest became widespread. Last night I knelt in solidarity with several black comedians in the Comedy Store parking lot, but they ran me off after I rolled six straight sevens.

The New York Times reports dozens of colleges and universities in the U.S. have recently issued crackdowns on drinking alcohol on campus, especially at fraternities. They’re robbing kids of the grandest times they will ever have in their lives. I remember when I went to college, but that’s about it.

Brett Favre told an interviewer Sunday he went to drug rehab three times to treat his addiction to Vicodin when he was quarterbacking for the Green Bay Packers. The guy goes way back. Brett Favre is the last player to be drafted by both the National Football League and the Confederate Army.

The West Hollywood City Council ordered Santa Monica Boulevard shut down on Wednesday to accommodate an appearance by Stormy Daniels at a local T-shirt boutique. The city is unique in so many ways. There is free parking in West Hollywood, the only stipulation is, you have to back in.

Netflix announced Monday they have signed Barack and Michelle Obama to produce scripted movies and TV series and documentaries. Some titles for their new shows have already been released. They include House of Race Cards, Orange is the New Barack and Better Call Saul Alinsky.

Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea volcano continued erupting Wednesday, spewing fire, lava and gas and thousands of huge boulders that rolled down to the shore, creating more coast line. The president was ecstatic. He said not only is he making America great again, he’s actually making more America.

President Trump called off the peace summit with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un on Thursday. This week Trump displayed a coin he received with his portrait engraved on one side of the coin and Kim Jung Un’s portrait on the other side of the coin. It’s made in China.

A New York judge ruled in favor of a mom and dad who moved to evict their thirty-year-old son from their house and force him to live his own. The son told the court that he had no money, no job and no place to live, but to no avail. The judge gave him three days to move into the nearest Starbucks.

Starbucks assured customers Tuesday its bathroom policy will not make Starbucks a homeless hangout. Coffee is no longer the only wake-up drink in town. The hottest-selling bottled soft drink in L.A. supermarkets is Mexican Coca-Cola, but if you ask me it still doesn’t have enough cocaine in it.

Motor City Comic Con convention drew thousands of comic hero impersonators to Detroit last week. Once while performing in La Jolla, I visited San Diego Comic Con convention. A reporter asked me to name my favorite of all the X-Men, and apparently Caitlyn Jenner was the wrong answer.

Variety named The Incredibles Two as the top-moneymaker of thirty animated movies released this year. Studios are bringing back every cartoon character that’s marketable in today’s world. Yet most Hollywood historians agree that Pepe Le Pew could never have survived the Me, Too Movement.

The Census Bureau said Thursday that the number of babies born in the U.S. is at a thirty-year low because Millennials aren’t reproducing. The same day another study reported half of all men in their thirties are suffering from temporary sexual impotence. It’s probably those damned pop-up ads.