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Has anyone bothered to add up the costs accruing from the increasing numbers of major disasters – hurricanes, cyclones, wild fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, etc – which have occurred in the last decade or two? To reduce the bill, some funds have been withheld, as, for example, in Puerto Rico, which is only regarded as part of the USA when it suits the White House!

And if it were not enough gas natural inc to have ‘natural’ disasters occurring with increasing frequency, (let’s forget for a moment that consensus now accepts that it is human beings use of fossil fuels which has disturbed the balance of nature), we also have a rising flood of crimes against hp gas online payment humanity in terms of events such as the Christchurch massacre and the attempt by ISIS to set up a caliphate, based on a warped interpretation of the Qur’an.

Talking with friends recently, there was general agreement that, increasingly in recent electricity quiz and answers years, unpleasant language is used in public to an extent that was never publicly acceptable a generation or two ago. So many people just do not care if they offend others, in fact scorn anyone who criticises rude or unpleasant behaviour towards strangers.

Also lurking in the background is the extent to which acquisition of wealth, synonymous with power, has become a religion for global corporations, creating monopolies which effectively dictate to governments. And among those for whom making money is paramount tropico 5 power plant are the arms manufacturers, who make sure that those fighting have all the latest mod cons!

Sir, I’ve been reading this website Geoengineering Watch org for years and see similar skies over Western Downs, Qld. not as bad as elsewhere with the spraying but certainly notice the Haarp clouds, indicating man-made heating of the ionesphere. These issues are world wide as one can see from the site’s comments electricity usage calculator south africa section where people post from Ireland, UK, Germany, etc.

In terms of civility – all we’ve ever had is veneer I think, quite often held in check with religious underpinnings, though scratch the surface and it’s always been a different story – at least that’s my perspective from living in Australia through the 60s 70s and 80s where we were the closest we’ve ever been to destroying the planet in an afternoon.

As with the asbestos and tobacco industries, fossil fuel industries, the electricity problem in up mainstream media, and their political lackeys have known for decades that Anthropogenic Global Warming presented an unfolding exponential cascade of catastrophe. Greed, willful ignorance, procrastination and the corruption of due process have ensured that irreversible global processes have been set in train. We now must face the Sixth Great Extinction. Civilisations are crumbling, uncounted billions of people, plants and animals face unnecessary suffering and death.

I agree with all you have said RJ. Sadly, it seems, the voters of New South Wales, our most populous state, seem to have concluded that racism is ok, that land clearing is ok, that the continued sale of state-owned gas x while pregnant assets is ok, that the waste of money on rebuilding a sports stadium, the problems of which could have been rectified much more cheaply, is ok and that neglect of the gas bloating after eating Bush in favour of the increasingly disfunctional city is also acceptable. I fear it bodes Ill for the forthcoming federal election. There is so much bad stuff happening in the world today that it is easy to be overwhelmed by a feeling of powerlessness, perhaps especially as the ageing process reduces the available time for action.

This body of water not only had grossly elevated levels of nutrients, but also toxically high accumulations of farm chemicals gas pain in chest (specifically insecticides and fungicides), which was, to many locals, completely unsurprising given the recent explosive expansion of chemical-intensive (and largely ‘self-regulated’) blueberry farms both within and around the catchment area of the lake.

The EU has just taken ExxonMobil to task for not attending a meeting where electricity song billy elliot the EU wanted to investigate ExxonMobil’s conflict of interest. There has been conflict alleged about ExxonMobil not taking any notice of the scientists working for the corporation in the 1970s, and the information the corporation was peddling. Scientists working for ExxonMobil in the 1970s stated that fossil fuels have an impact on climate, management did not disclose this information in advertorials in the New York Times. Elsewhere there are allegations that ExxonMobil funded denier groups to undermine the science therir own scientists had produced.

But q gastrobar dias ferreira, we certainly have little time to act, even the quite conservative IPCC has given us 12 years to make very concerted efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, they are spiking over 412 ppm at present. Ice cores suggest that abrupt climate change can happen within a decade. Our politicians are more interested in political donations from fossil fuel corporations, than the safety of citizens it would seem.

The election leaflet of Coalition/Nationals for our enclave in the NSW election gas 87 89 91 was entirely about local issues and promises of more money for this and that, eg $250 for seniors if the local National won. I decided to speak to some of these poll volunteers . They were entirely 19thc: fixated on localism and on money. They were affable but unquestioning. When I mentioned the cyclones electricity voltage used in usa up north they did not respond. They seemed to think I was strange for not being swayed by bribes, I mean, monetary promises. No global issues at all. Despair, despair.

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