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Technically the oldest show in the Arrowverse, but it was not originally envisioned as part of a shared continuity. It takes place on its own earth in the multiverse, which has so far not been given a name. The show ran for a single season in 1990 and was brought into the Arrowverse by the 2014 Flash series. So far there are no direct crossovers besides a brief appearance of the 1990 Flash in costume while Barry is running between earths in "Welcome to Earth-2". However, so far at least 6 characters from the series have played doppelgangers of their characters one one or more earths on the 2014 series: The Flash/Barry Allen, Julio Mendez, The Trickster, Prank, Officer Tony Bellows, and Tina McGee.

The first show to take place in the Arrowverse proper and the anchor show on Earth-1. The Arrowverse began to expand in season 2, with the promotional mini series Blood Rush and the first appearances of future Flash characters Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Caitlin Snow. Would also later introduce future Legends of Tomorrow characters such as Ray Palmer and Sara Lance.

The most popular show in the Arrowverse by far, and the one that largely connects the threads between the other shows. Primarily takes place on Earth-1 but spans the entire multiverse and different timelines. The show received set up in three episodes of Arrow season 2 before debuting on its own the following year.

Originally airing on NBC, it was cancelled after one season. It was retconned into the Arrowverse after the fact when John Constantine appeared in season 4 of Arrow. As long as you watch his show before that point, it doesn’t really matter when you watch it. Constantine appeared as a guest in season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow and will be a regular character in season 4.

Two episodes aired out of order on NBC. My guide reflects production order since I think it flows better. However, the episode "Rage of Caliban" was edited with a one-sentence, off-screen voiceover explaining the absence of Zed in that episode to make it fit where they broadcasted it. So if you would prefer, you can watch Rage of Caliban sixth instead of second.

The first animated series in the Arrowverse. Many characters from The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow make guest appearances in the first two seasons of the show. This version of Vixen guest stars in season 4 of Arrow, while her grandmother is a regular cast member on Legends of Tomorrow starting in season 2. The two seasons were cut into a film with additional content, as noted in the watching order. All additional content takes place directly after the season 1 episodes.

Takes place on Earth-38 but crosses over with the other shows (most often Flash) 1-3 times per season. Originally aired on CBS before jumping to the CW beginning with season 2. It was claimed that it had no connection with the Arrowverse but it ended up crossing over with Flash before the end of season 1, and then the other shows the following years.

Many of the episodes in season 2 actually take place directly after season 1 ends, meaning they would technically take place before much of the ends of the other shows in Year 4. I nonetheless broke them up by season since there are no crossovers at this point, and I think it makes the most sense to keep them grouped by year.

Takes place primarily on Earth-X and ties into the crossover event from Arrowverse year six. Animated webseries. The Ray appears on the live action shows and doppelgangers from the other shows appear on the web series. There are some continuity errors introduced by this show which Marc Guggenheim hopes to correct with the release of an official comic book tie-in.

So far there are no crossovers with the Arrowverse announced or planned, and it has been stated that it is not part of the Arrowverse. However, airing on the same network and sharing some of the same producers means it could only be a matter of time before it crosses over so I will continue to list it until shown otherwise. Both Supergirl and Constantine were at one point claimed to not be part of the Arrowverse, and they certainly are part of it now.