Artificial intelligence diagnoses heart murmurs better than expert cardiologists gas south


Chicago, IL, Nov. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2018, Eko, a cardiac monitoring company that combines non-invasive sensors with machine learning, presented a clinical study abstract revealing the first murmur detection algorithm to outperform the majority of participating cardiologists in a clinical study. Entitled “Artificial Intelligence Detects Pediatric Heart Murmurs With Cardiologist-Level Accuracy,” the study demonstrates the power of machine learning and AI to enhance cardiac care.

The neural network AI algorithm was trained on thousands of heart sound recordings. british gas jokes The algorithm was then tested on an independent dataset of pediatric heart sounds and compared to gold-standard echocardiogram imagery. Five pediatric cardiologists also listened to the heart sound recordings and independently made a determination whether a recording contained a murmur. This advancement will help narrow the clinical skill gap between the 27,000 cardiologists in the U.S. – the experts at murmur detection – and the 3.8 million other clinicians who are less experienced in the identification of heart murmurs through a stethoscope.

“When it comes to healthcare, data almost always leads to better results because practitioners are able to make more informed decisions,” said Dr. electricity in costa rica for travelers Nicholas Slamon, Pediatric Critical Care Physician at Nemours Children’s Health System. “Eko’s technology is leveraging the largest available dataset of previously captured heart sounds to elevate the skills of clinicians and in turn provide guidance on how to diagnose, and subsequently treat, serious, often fatal cardiac conditions. It’s a powerful advancement for the world of medicine.”

“Eko imagines a future where every physician is able to augment their clinical judgment and experience, leveraging thousands and thousands of previous medical cases in seconds,” said Connor Landgraf, CEO of Eko. “Today’s results show that we can help extend the expert ears of 27,000 cardiologists to millions of clinicians around the world.”

Eko provides software, devices, and analysis algorithms for in-clinic heart disease screening, telemedicine, and for monitoring patients at home. k electric company duplicate bill Eko is the only cardiac and valvular monitoring platform that allows doctors to screen patients using acoustics, a non-invasive yet precise way to assess how the heart and lungs are functioning. Eko captures both heart sounds and EKG simultaneously, giving physicians the most holistic assessment of a patient’s health, and the information needed to make better-informed decisions. gas bloating pregnancy Eko’s products are used by tens of thousands of clinicians at more than 1,000 hospitals and providers in the U.S. and Europe. wikipedia electricity consumption The company has FDA and European clearance for some existing products. Eko is based in San Francisco and is privately backed with investments from ARTIS Ventures, Mayo Clinic, and others. gas upper stomach For more information about Eko, please visit For more information on partnership inquiries, please email

Disclosures: Eko’s products are intended to be used by, or with, the prescription of a healthcare professional. This release also contains forward-looking statements concerning the future launch of Eko’s clinical decision-support algorithms. Forward-looking statements are based on current expectations for future products and are not guarantees of future performance, development, or FDA clearance. Dr. Slamon has a small financial interest in Eko.