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T here are things to consider when think about living a new country or island. Information and preparations like: schooling possibilities for kids, pros and cons of renting versus buying a home, applying for work and/or residence permits, government offices for registration, shopping locations for essentials, and possibly also temporary accommodations while a more permanent residence is sought

In order to qualify for the necessary residence and/or work permits one must comply with specific rules and requirements. Once the necessary permits are obtained, as a new resident you will have to register at the census office known in Dutch as "Bevolking". Registration is mandatory and important if you intend to apply for a mortgage and/or other home related services such as: utilities, cable, gas and telephone and also for registering children at schools, both private or public. The Census Office ("Bevolking" or "Censo")

The Aruba Census office is generally known as "Bevolking" in Dutch or Censo in Papiamento. The Census office handles registration of all persons residing on Aruba. Once you are registered you can then request an extract known as the "proof of registration", which can be used along with a valid ID to show you have permission to live on the island. The extract will also be necessary for the following purposes:

The rate of exchange granted by shops and hotels ranges between Awg. 1.75 – Awg. 1.80 per U.S. dollar. U.S. Dollars are widely accepted in Aruba, and banks may exchange other foreign currency. Major credit cards are accepted at most establishments while personal checks are normally not accepted.

Cash may be obtained with MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards at banks, in some casinos and via Western Union. ATM cards and credit cards are accepted by ATMs of Aruba Bank, Banco di Caribe, RBTT Bank, and Caribbean Mercantile Bank. The card must have either a Cirrus or Visa Plus logo. ATM instructions are normally given in Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento. Cash is normally dispensed in local currency. Shopping

Shopping in Aruba is most known for its various selections of shops devoted to jewelry, table linens, perfumes, leather goods, designer fashions, electronics, locally made handicrafts, Cuban cigars, Dutch Delft, Dutch Cheeses, and many more superior and favorably priced goods. Stores are open Monday – Saturday from 9:00am – 6:00pm and some stores are closed for siesta during the hours of 12:00 noon – 2:00pm. Grocery shopping

In each district you will find "mom and pop" mini markets or groceries. The bigger supermarkets such as Ling and Sons, Certified Mega Mall, Super Food, and Kong Hing offer a wide variety of food products, fresh produce, canned goods meats and fish. Grocery stores are open from 8:30am – 8:00pm Monday – Saturday and on Sunday’s until 2:00pm Education

In the public schools the education system follows the Dutch Curriculum and most schools are partially subsidized by the government, with the exception of The International School of Aruba and Basisschool De Schakel (Dutch), which are both private schools. The International School of Aruba

This school provides an American-based curriculum with an international dimension for children ages 3-19 that includes academics, the arts, activities, and athletics. Opportunities related to Aruban culture are also integrated into curriculum at both elementary and secondary levels. Additionally, they put an emphasis on community service via student organizations, activities, and with teachers as models who are actively engaged in the community. University

The University of Aruba, offers Bachelors and Masters degree courses in Law, undergraduate studies in Finance and Economics, a Bachelor program for Business Administration in Hospitality & Tourism Management Aruba. and the Faculty of Art and Science offering undergraduate and graduate studies. Xavier Medical

The Xavier University School of Medicine at Aruba was founded to train students in the art of medicine using a US based curriculum. The entire focus of their program is to ensure students receive the knowledge they need to successfully enter residencies in the United States as competent physicians.

The Xavier University School of Medicine at Aruba (XUSOM) is a prime choice for foreign students to pursue their medical education overseas in the Caribbean. Their medical school offers studies in the Caribbean with guaranteed clinical rotations in the United States. Best of all, there are no MCAT required for admission. De Schakel

Water is produced and delivered by WEB Aruba NV (water and energy). WEB uses desalination for water production, and electricity is produced using boilers. Tap water in Aruba is of a very high quality, and excellent taste, often indistinguishable from bottled water. Electricity

In Aruba, there are cable television and cable Internet services available. Cable television and cable Internet services are provided by Cable TV Aruba NV. To be connected to the cable TV and cable Internet you must register in person at the office of Cable TV. GAS

The Aruba Gas Supply Co. Ltd better known as "Arugas" carries and delivers gas for domestic use. Propane gas is supplied in cylinders of 100 lbs. To become a customer, you must personally sign in at Arugas. The following documents must be submitted:

The removal of household waste is considered a public responsibility. This duty, geared to health and environmental management, means that the government has a duty to at least one (1) time per week to collect household waste. This task is for the government, conducted by Serlimar.