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Different from what King Solomon advised, “ The Secret” asserts that Life’s issues are solved by the power of a magnificent mind — a mind that knows and uses The Secret. Given the excitement that surrounds The Secret and its Head-heavy emphasis on vivid visualizations and positive affirmations, it appears the wise insights of Solomon have been forgotten.

Disciples of The Secret say that “heart” represents emotion; thus, it is only emotion-filled thinking that puts the Law of Attraction into action! While such seems a reasonable interpretation of “as he thinketh in his heart,” this conclusion can ONLY be arrived at by interpreting the meaning of the proverb out of context. gas lighting urban dictionary As we pay attention to Bible teachings and Bible context, the Lord’s intended meaning for Proverb 23: 7 is clarified.

The scriptures make a vital distinction between living life from the Heart versus living life from the Head — the former is explicitly encouraged and the latter is firmly discouraged. Consider the contrast between thoughts that flow from a “contrite heart” ( Psalm 51: 17) versus thinking that is guided by a “high-minded” head ( 2 Tim. 3: 4).

Being “heady” correlates to a condition called “hardhearted” (Ezekiel 3: 7). By paying attention to Biblical context, the meaning of words comes clear. For example, the word “hardhearted” points to a person’s persistent failure to “hearken” to the word of God. Consider Pharaoh’s hard heart as he repetitively pushed aside a prophet’s persuasions (Exodus 9: 35).

In his proverb “as he thinketh in his heart,” King Solomon wisely connected “thinking” with one’s condition of “heart” — a condition manifest by a willingness to honor and obey the way of the Lord. The collective implication of all Bible passages that speak of “heart,” suggest that the metaphor means one’s communion and close connection with God — or not! The meaning of “heart” also indicates a truth revealed to Jeremiah:

Would an infinitely wise and loving God simply create, and then leave His creations clueless as to life’s meaning and purpose? Of course, He wouldn’t! Because God is wise and loving beyond mortal comprehension, He has written upon the hearts of all humanity the way to fulfillment, and the way to overcome every challenging issue of life — which is precisely why Solomon penned this proverb:

Pay Attention: The previous statement flies in the face of the undergirding premise of The Secret and Cognitive Psychology, which is: The creative conjurings of Mind are the starting point from which human action and alternatives are initiated. This is simply NOT so! The truth is . . . each person’s thinking and core identity is determined by, and is a reflection of, conditions of heart — this is a primary meaning of: “as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

The Heart determines whether thoughts, words, and deeds will either flounder or flourish! It is the Heart that is foundational and primary, and not the Head. Failing to acknowledge the Heart and its rich Biblical meaning, a person might proceed to live like a boastful Toaster, who pridefully primps its magnificent toasting ability — while failing to acknowledge its own electrical cord and the electricity supplied by a nearby outlet. You see, with NO electricity, the Toaster can boast of nothing!

This passage of scripture firmly establishes the directional flow of idea initiation; and contrary to the pervasive rhetoric of The Secret and cognitive psychology, that directional flow is . . . Heart to Head — not vice versa. static electricity human body causes And if anyone stubbornly insists that it is Head to Heart, such an assumption parallels the logic of a Boastful Toaster, who fails to acknowledge the Source of electricity that makes toasting possible in the first place.

Happiness is not something you can create within the cognitive realms of mental will. electricity production in chad You can’t simply awake one morning (as the popular rhetoric reasons) and say to your self . . . “Today, I’m going to be happy!” No, life doesn’t work that way. You can no more choose to be happy of your own positive mental will, than a Boastful Toaster can make magnificent toast — without being plugged into electricity!

Instead, what you can do — just like the boastful Toaster should — is humbly acknowledge the electrical source that makes all toasting possible. And as you acknowledge the Source of all Life, Love, and Light, it is then that happiness will spontaneously flow to you, and through you, without taking any thought to create this happiness via your Head.

Contrary to the conclusions of Cognitive Psychology and The Secret, if you desire to change the core of your character, you cannot directly do so through feeling-filled visualizations, seeing yourself “as if” you are already a person of higher character, and reinforcing this mental image with the chanting of positive self-affirmations! This is a Boastful-Toaster mentality; it is the erroneous reasoning of “clay” saying to the potter, “thou made me not.”

While we can’t directly choose to be happy, we CAN make choices that will result in happiness. Happiness is the natural consequence that comes as we live in harmony with our own intuitions of truth. Hence, choosing to be true to the Truth results in happiness. The Creator designed mortal life in such a way that when we live true, we know that we are living true, because the reinforcing result called “happiness” is our possession.

When facing Life’s most perplexing problems, seeking solutions via figuring and facts will just keep you stuck in Einstein’s Mind Bind: where the defective head that created a problem is used to solve that same problem—an exercise in futility. Additionally, superior solutions will not focus upon changing others or altering circumstance, but upon changing you to meet the challenge of circumstance.

Change from your core only occurs thru the permission and power of Heaven; with no help from Heaven, people are left to the puny solutions of the Head. gas pains 6 weeks pregnant Of the many Head remedies available, the single most prominent approach is programming your head with positive self-affirmations. Thinking that your thinking can change you sufficient to solve Life’s largest dilemmas, is to begin wrong from the start. Intellectual gymnastics, no matter how impressive or appealing CANNOT bring about a genuine, lasting change.

Cognitive therapies of “mental programming” may alter outward appearances, but who you are from the heart remains unchanged. Like ripples that undulate from a pebble cast in a pond, leaving the pond unaltered at its depths, the superficial effects of mind power eventually dissipate and disappear. It is true that positive attitude and vivid visualizing may raise your bowling score, improve your golf swing, or make you a dazzling dancer—but the same cognitive conjurings cannot increase your character or bring peace to a troubled soul. By using Head remedies only, even the strongest mental determinations to be a better person will not work.

“Heart” is not really something in you, rather it is an activity you are in. Self-introspection of the body-self in not something you can actually do; this look “inside” yourself is just a way of talking (words playing tricks again). If you take a literal look “inside” you will only find a couple of kidneys and a lung or two; hence, personal guidance and fulfillment is not really found inside of you. In contrast, the look “inside” the self as be-ing can be accomplished, literally — it is an examination of your relations with others, and your relations with every aspect of the world, its geographic contours and its plants & animals.

Further, “Heart” is a metaphor that represents your relational harmony with spirit realities too — realities that exist outside of you. On the Light side of harmony is clear communion with the Creator; and on the dark side sings a sinister harmony, a duet with the devil. electricity transmission This dark duet is the reason and reality behind the words: “hard heart.” So to start with the best questions . . . that will lead to the best solutions, it is best to focus upon the Vital, Life-Giving Communion you are In — this is the meaning of “Heart.” (Changing Your Stripes, page 265, 266).