As coal company profits fell, mining firms rewarded executives handsomely energy journal electricity estimated bills

"’I have to give Cloud Peak’s management some credit,’ said Williams-Derry, the Sightline analyst. ‘They probably felt they were missing out on the party. But by not taking on massive debt, they’ve protected shareholders, bond holders and other stakeholders.’"

Shareholders, bondholders, and other stakeholders? Any interview or assessment of one of the 100 Miners who were fired when "the market downturn ultimately caught up with the company"? 12 million dollars to the ceo during the two years prior to "the market downturn"?

Is the article blaming executive leadership or market downturn? Seems a little biased in the don’t-worry-Powder-River-is-great direction when the article turns to the assessment of Cloud Peak Energy (after slaying Arch Coal, Peabody Energy, and Alpha Natural Resources), considering Cloud Peak Energy had a 500 million dollar swing between profit and loss. 205 million dollar loss in 2015? THE NEXT PARAGRAPH quotes, almost unbelievably (except that it’s almost unbelievable that we accept this as believable), "its relatively healthy balancesheet".

Grey areas abound, I know. Pay scales and unions and markets and who did right by whom and who shat on the little guy and how 150 years of American capitalist history have played out rather than the microcosm of the past five years and yet the sheer size and weight of contemporary global business are complexities and complications beyond most of our educational levels.

Not too mention areas of import, propaganda, and neglect such as health, art, education, economics, infrastructure, and politics that take their continual toll on our communities, thrice locally, nationally, and worldly. But sociological, anthropological, philosophical, and cultural concerns and studies are online comment theses for another day.

Hypocrites blame others, yet recuse themselves from the same accountability. While it’s easy to criticize others, how many of you have the morality and ethics to examine your own selves, and your own personal actions? Sure, everyone can find an excuse for their actions, and lack of accountability. I’m sure these CEO’s and Executives can easily justify their compensation.

How many of you would turn down a large salary, if offered to you? Even if it meant you would be paid more than your co-workers, or neighbors. If your boss came to you and said he was going to double your salary, just because, while still paying your co-workers their same old salary, how many of you would turn that offer down, or share that windfall? Not many, rest assured. Most every single one of you would take the offer, in spite of fairness or equality.

Wyoming coal miners make, on average, $82,654 per year. The national average for coal miners is only $82,058, so Wyoming coal miners make more than the national average. The average salary for all industries, statewide in Wyoming, is only $44,699. So Wyoming coal miners make 185% more than the average worker in the state. But I’m sure coal miners can justify their own inflated salaries, in spite of all other Wyoming workers.

Coal miners are doing to everyone else in the state, what coal CEO’s and Executives are doing to their own workers. Do coal miners feel bad about making so much more than the state average? Any excuse that coal miners can think up for excusing their own compensatory privileges, coal CEO’s and Executives can find and use the exact same excuses.

This is hypocrisy, at it’s very core. People will hate and insult this post, simply because of the truth it holds, the truth does hurt. Every single person needs to evaluate themselves before evaluating and criticizing others. Put yourself under the microscope first, people.

Interesting this criticism towards coal Executives was largely absent with better times. Coal miners tolerated these inflated executive salaries during boom times, so they have only themselves to blame. If you ignore or tolerate injustice, you must be willing to accept the subsequent consequences. Your actions (or lack thereof), must assume just as much responsibility. The miners were willing to work for these guys and companies, and support them, now they must accept the outcomes of your turning a blind eye previously. Close to 95% of Wyomingites claim affiliation to some "christian" religion. So what of those supposed words by your messiah – "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." (John 8:7). This demonstrates the foundations of corruption and greed. The corrupt and greedy pay their entourage handsomely to protect their system of greed & corruption. That handsome payment ensures silence, and compliance by the underlings in the entourage. People are willing to protect & defend their bosses, or politician, as long as they personally get something of worth in exchange for their cooperation, without regard for all others. Guaranteed the remaining coal miners are not threatening to quit, or strike, in solidarity of their now jobless colleagues. No, they will find reasons and excuses as to why they themselves are still employed, and still making almost double the average salary of all workers. As long as they still get theirs.