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Pruitt paid $50 for each night that he physically stayed in the condo, which sits a stone’s throw from the Capitol and is co-owned by health-care lobbyist Vicki Hart. According to people familiar with the arrangement, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly, Pruitt initially approached gas bloating back pain her husband, lawyer J. Steven Hart, about staying there during his confirmation process in 2017 and gas 1981 then extended the terms of the arrangement through last July.

Hart is chairman and chief executive of the law firm Williams Jensen and lobbies on energy, transportation, trade, tax and entertainment industry issues. Oklahoma public records show he and his wife donated $1,750 to Pruitt during his campaign for state attorney general. The records also show that the lawyer paid for a Pruitt fundraiser — a value of $1,616.43 — in fall 2014.

Vicki Hart said in a separate gas 10 ethanol statement Friday afternoon that she was not aware that Pruitt’s daughter might have been living in one of the condo’s rooms. “The rental agreement was with Scott Pruitt. If other people were using the bedroom or the living quarters, I was never told, and I never gave him permission to do that,” she said n gas price, adding that if true, Pruitt would owe additional rent.

Though the condo lacked some of the amenities of traditional rentals, such as a full kitchen or phone line, $50 per night is an exceedingly good deal for a prime location near m gasol the Capitol. According to the website Inside Airbnb, which compiles data from rentals on the lodging site, the average price of a private room in a D.C. home is $113 per night. In the Capitol Hill neighborhood where Pruitt was, the average is $142 per night.

EPA officials have argued that the rental did not constitute a gift or represent a conflict of interest. On Friday evening, the agency released a brief memo from its principal deputy general counsel electricity experiments elementary school — dated March 30 — that said its ethics office had reviewed Pruitt’s lease. He paid a “reasonable market value” for the condo space, given that the $50-a-night rate would have amounted to $1,500 a month had he occupied it full time, the attorney wrote.

J. Steven Hart is a personal friend and former colleague gas bubble disease of Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, a former Williams Jensen attorney who was a top Pruitt deputy before succeeding him. The firm represents Oklahoma Gas Electric and received electricity deregulation in california $400,000 for its work last year, according to EIP. The company is lobbying to scale back Barack Obama-era EPA rules limiting greenhouse-gas emissions from existing power plants.

“Scott Pruitt sees no ethical problem getting favors from or doing favors for k electric bill statement the industry interests who have helped bankroll his political career and are now lobbying him to roll back public-health safeguards,” Environmental Defense Fund Vice President Jeremy Symons said in a statement Friday. “We call on the EPA’s inspector general, who is already investigating Mr. Pruitt in three other cases, to immediately launch an investigation into gifts from lobbyists to Administrator Scott Pruitt in the form of deeply electricity lessons ks1 discounted living quarters.”

The details about Pruitt’s unusual living arrangements are the latest in a series of disclosures about his spending habits. The Post has documented Pruitt’s extensive first-class travels on foreign and electricity jokes puns domestic trips during his first year in the administration. The EPA has attributed the elevated costs to security precautions undertaken because of the number of threats Pruitt has received — especially compared to his immediate predecessors — since joining gas x while pregnant the Cabinet in February 2017.

But records show that the administrator’s dozens of first-class flights and upscale hotel stays have meant big bills for taxpayers. For instance, a two-week stretch of travel in June by Pruitt and his aides cost more than $120,000, according to records obtained by The Post and EIP under the Freedom of Information Act. Another batch of expenditures recently gas 1940 hopper released to a House oversight committee detailed at least an additional $68,000 in premium travel costs for Pruitt since August. Those figures do not include expenses for the personal security detail and aides who typically accompany him.