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As seen on HGTV’s Bahamas Life (January 2018)! Welcome to Serendipity, located on the Caribbean Sea on Wandering Shore Dr. in Rainbow Bay on the beautiful Bahamian island of Eleuthera. Serendipity offers two comfortable (queen) bedrooms along with two bathrooms and a great room for your enjoyment. A hide-a-bed, located in the living area, sleeps two. Additionally, Serendipity’s deck, accessed via either bedroom or the electricity tattoo designs great room, provides a fabulous opportunity to catch the amazing island sunsets. The home is air conditioned with a central air system, has a dishwasher, and includes a barbecue grill and washer and dryer.

Eleuthera, for those who may never have had the opportunity to visit before, is an absolutely stunning sliver of land with the most gorgeous pink sand beaches lining its shores. Eleuthera is a minimally developed electricity human body island that maintains much of its original natural beauty. While things to do can certainly electricity a level physics be sought and found, it is easy to forget that you’re not the only one there when on any of the relatively empty beaches. Eleuthera is like heaven on Earth. Her untouched beauty is something you won’t soon forget and will leave you yearning for another visit.

My family and I stayed here at Christmas. Overall, the house is great. The location is wonderful and view unbeatable.The value is great. Wonderful porch for enjoying sunsets. The ocean easily accessible. The kitchen is well equipped. The living room is nice and there are plenty of extra linens.The beds were a bit hard electricity lesson plans 4th grade for our liking and there was a large stain (blood or something?) on the extra mattress. Just FYI – no extras like beach chairs. There were three issues we had. On our first day I received a message from the owner claiming we were keeping it too cold in the house. She told us not to set the air below 78 degrees. We ran it at 70 while we slept. To my knowledge there was nothing in the original house rules that stated you must keep the air above 78 (However, there is a note now. And if I missed this electricity laws physics when I booked then I apologize and should read more closely in the future.) As a renter paying good money to stay in a house I shouldn’t have to justify reasonable electricity usage. We are all pretty active and left the house by around 9-10am each day not to return until 7-8pm. While away all electricity was off. For us the issue was how the owner handled gas monkey it. After writing the first day she continued to send me messages to include one stating we would not get the security deposit back if we ran the A/C at night. Ultimately she refunded the security deposit, but this was not a nice exchange to deal with on our only vacation we have had together in 5 years. The second issue was that the bathrooms were simply not clean when we arrived. There was toothpaste spit all over the bathroom faucets/sink and dirty toilet seats. Lastly bp gas prices akron ohio, the washer and dryer were inoperable. The owner wrote me shortly before our stay to tell us about the dryer. Then we arrived and both washer/dryer were broken. Although we were told someone was supposed to come to fix them we never heard anything. Being resourceful gas bijoux discount code we just washed clothes in the sink, but it would have been nice to know before our stay. My extended family has had a home on Eleuthera for over 20 years so we are familiar with the way things can be there. Due to the elements and the scarcity of supplies things can be difficult to get repaired or maintained as well as if you were in the USA. This is just something you expect in an exposed island like Eleuthera and it’s certainly part of its charm. The house is nice and we enjoyed it, but we could have gone without some of the drama.

There IS a note in the house 3 gases in the air rules asking guests to please be conscientious of the high electrical costs in Eleuthera by keeping the AC set to 78 degrees or warmer. I live in this home during the hottest months of the power company near me year, and have found even running the air at 80 degrees to usually be plenty cool. At that temperature, my kids are still running around in sweatshirts and with blankets. During this guest’s stay, the average overnight temps were between 68-70 degrees. She ran the AC at 70 degrees. Serendipity has new very tight weave window screens to keep noseeums out. That would have been a great time for them to be utilized. I messaged this guest asking that she please turn the AC up. I was told that this was her family’s only vacation in forever and they would run the AC as they a gas station saw fit.

This message was also the first I’d heard concerning any “dirty bathrooms.” My housekeeper assures me the house was completely clean, but I understand that people’s idea of clean varies, I apologized for any messes left and asked for details. None of which were shared with me. This is the first I’ve heard about any stain on a mattress (which are all covered in mattress protectors), and I’ve had six different guests since this gas 93 octane one.

The dryer needed a switch replaced and the appliance man had dug into the panel before realizing he had the wrong switch, making the washer inoperable as well. I informed the guest of this as soon as I knew and said the appliance man was willing to come put the panel back together so at least the washer was operable. In this guest’s one electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition pdf response to me, I was told “to please not worry about it and to not contact her again.”