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July 25, 2015 This was my first experience with Tour with Tong and it was amazing! My sister and I booked the Special Package #6: Newbie Mahout and Tiger Temple Afternoon Program. This is an all day event, so be sure to bring extra changing clothes (cover up shoulders and knees at the Tiger Temple) and extra batteries for your camera. You don’t want to miss out on all the great video and photo opportunities! I booked our excursion and had questions regarding the tour. Tong was very fast and efficient in responding to all my questions and concerns via emails. I also LINED gas x coupon 2014 her as well, but I find that e-mailing her is much more quicker. The website and Tong electricity invented timeline herself requested a deposit for the tour, but due to my restraints she was very accommodating in waiving the deposit fee. She did mention to me “We can let you pay cash if you promise NOT to cancel on us and happy to pay 2,000 baht cancellation fees.” Our guide named Kung was very sweet, happy and fun who likes to laugh and joke with you! There was never a dull moment with her. I personally requested her through Tong because I saw many great reviews of her on Tripadvisor. I wanted to make sure that our entire day was well spent with an amazing tour guide. She did not disappoint from the beginning to the end! She arrived promptly at 4:30 am in the hotel lobby and requested breakfast to-go for us from the hotel, which was so sweet of her. Throughout the entire trip, the car ride was comfortable. I don’t know who the driver’s name was, but thank you! Kung provided cold water bottles, great guidance and information at each stop, and opened the car doors for gas 4 less manhattan ks us. We made a quick stop to get some coffee and hot chocolate. Yummy! She made sure we were comfortable, well-taken care of, and answered all our questions and concerns. She spoke English, carried my SLR camera around all day, and took many great photos for us! All we had to do was to have fun. Our tour consisted of an early morning sunrise at the River Kwai Bridge, elephant camp (riding and playing in the River Kwai), and visiting the Tiger Temple. There’s an additional fee: 1,000 baht if you want to bottle-feed the tigers. However, if you are easily offended by animals in captivity than I don’t recommend the Tiger Temple. Some of the tigers are chained up, but they are definitely not drugged! You power usage estimator will see how lively and interactive the tigers are until they take their cat naps in the afternoon. First stop: The sunrise over the River Kwai Bridge was nice with no one around. Kung took us to a fruit stand to buy bananas for us to feed the elephants. The owner of the stand gave us free fruit called Rambutan to try. The fruit is closely related to lychee and longan. Second stop: We arrived at the elephant camp where we had a traditional Thai breakfast: Fried chicken, eggs, soup, and white rice. Also, we got gas news uk to wear traditional Thai mahout clothing. Very unique! My sister and I each had our own elephant with no seats on their backs. We rode on elephants and then played with them in the river. The mahouts who accompanied my sister and I on each elephant were so funny and entertaining! Afterwards, we showered and changed clothes. Third stop: We arrived at the Tiger Temple. I highly recommend the bottle-feeding, even though you can still get up close and personal with the bigger and older tigers. There’s a certain limit on how many people who can bottle-feed, which was great because it is not crowded. I interacted with the 1 month baby tiger and bottle fed 4 month old tigers. Make sure you don electricity wikipedia simple english’t wear any nice clothing since you will get dirty. The Tiger Temple also has a volunteer opportunity if you’re interested. Ask the workers there for more information. Since we were running a bit late on our time, Kung requested a late lunch/dinner to-go for us. She treated us out to cold lemon tea drinks for us to try and it was tasty, refreshing, and perfect. By the end of the day, we were so exhausted. This was definitely a long day, but it was a day we will never forget. This was definitely one of my highlights from Thailand, Bangkok. I highly recommend Tour with Tong to everyone. If I could, I would go on this tour electricity lesson plans year 6 again! Thank you Kung for making our day extra special and memorable. We hope to visit Bangkok in the future, and book another Tour with Tong!

We booked a private tour just me and hubby with Tour With Tong on 23rd July, our tour guide name is Pat who was amazing at his job! He was also our driver. Knowledgeable, respectful and never pushy. We refer to him as our tour consultant 🙂 We booked floating market, elephant ride bath, and tiger temple (incl tiger cub feeding) and though we had to pay extras for some gas near me open now of the activities, it was well worth it! For just an extra 700 to 1000 baht (USD$30++) more for the extras like elephant bath and tiger cub feeding and special photo opportunity with the sleeping tigers at the Tiger Temple, you get awesome memories and even more awesome photo opportunities. Plus you dont have to queue too long as compared to getting the free photo which has a long line up. I would suggest paying all these extras to skipping the queues and because the journey there is already VERY long (like 2 hours out of bangkok) not including the 3 hours jam getting back into the city, you really need to be smart with your time. Our guide arrived on time to pick us up from our place in Bangkok city at 7am and we came back home safely around 8pm. After comparing the quotes, Tour With Tong gave one of the best value for your buck! It is not cheap but it is well worth it! Bangkok is an AMAZING place. Lots of things to see and do, the shopping, the food and most of all – embrace the jam!. Bring a book, a tablet, smart phone so you can read, watch video, surf, research on more things bangkok and do something productive while in the jam (make sure you get the Thai gas smoker recipes sim card with a dataplan!)