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I’ve been a YRT/GO Bus/Train rider for more than 5 years. When I lived in Aurora and commuted to downtown Toronto, I used the YRT’s bus service to connect between the GO station and my home (located at Orchard Heights Blvd. and Bathurst St.) I must say I’m disappointed that more times have not been added to Route 31–even after 5 years of taking the bus. electricity kwh calculator Now that the GO Train runs more frequently, coupled with the fact that its GO Bus routes have changed and no longer run down Yonge Street, there is no YRT service from the GO station to the NW corner of Aurora, leaving commuters stranded and further away from their destination.

As a young woman, this is a huge safety issue for me. With more and more people moving back at home with their parents, or not owning a car, the reality is that young people are looking to commute into the city and needing greater access to transit. This is especially true in the evenings and in the darker months when safety is a huge concern. To me, it only makes sense to have connecting transit from each GO bus.

The safety and security of our customers and the communities in which we operate is our top priority. Metrolinx does not, under any circumstances, sell our customer’s personal information to any organizations. Metrolinx is committed to maintaining the privacy of the personal information we collect and use, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Millions of PRESTO customers take transit every day, and we have an obligation to co-operate with law enforcement to ensure our customers and our transit systems are safe and secure. When a law enforcement agency requests information about a PRESTO user to support an investigation, we follow the rules and regulations in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act when we respond. We know privacy and the protection of personal information are highly important to our customers, which is why we carefully assess every request to ensure we’re balancing our commitment to safety and security with our commitment to protecting our customers’ personal information. You can read the full privacy policy online here:

But the reason we went to them in the first place was because when I tried to reload my card at the machine previously, I got an error message when the machine tried to process my debit card. At this point the machine completely locked me out. I tried to restart the process of reloading at the machine and I kept getting an error message. I gave up. I had to go catch my train and just barely had enough money on my card to make it to work that day. ( I couldn’t auto-reload online, I just got a new card, so I had to wait 24 hours to use my card online. Which I also am baffled about as the whole point of the online service should be to allow people to access their information right away).

You guys are trying so hard to get rid of people’s jobs to save on cost, you are going to remove the entire human interaction process and give it to a machine where the machine malfunctions and we will be stuck, missing our trains, with no tellers to help us (or maybe 1 person will be provided at each station – creating a bottleneck service which you were trying to avoid in the first place).

Is there ever going to be service from Toronto to Kitchener so that you can actually go to a concert or a play or other event in the evening and still be able to make it home to Kitchener without having to get a hotel? Most concerts end between 11 and 11:30pm. gas zyklon b To connect with the last Route 25 bus to Kitchener (the only bus that stops at Sportsworld) at Square One you must depart Union Station on 21P at 10:50pm on weekdays and 11:20pm on the weekend at the latest. It’s virtually impossible to make the 10:50 bus especially considering you still have to make it from the venue to Union Station before that and 11:20pm is a nail biting race too (especially if you’re coming from Budweiser Stage and have to make the 11pm train back to Union). Most times I have to leave the concert before the encore to make it and I can’t even enjoy the show wondering if it will end in time for me to make it home that night. The best solution would be to have an express bus from Union Station directly to Cambridge, Sportsworld in Kitchener (by request), Downtown Kitchener, and Waterloo that departed around 11:30pm. Greyhound used to have an 11:30pm bus but they have since cut service in the evenings including cutting the Cambridge and Sportsworld stops. So far there hasn’t been any service by any provider to fill this gap. Another cause for stress is the fact that you have to tansfer buses at Square One. There is no direct route. So when you’re catching the last bus of the night, sometimes the first bus (21P) is late or and you risk missing that connection altogether. Of course for the summer time with concerts at Ontario Place that usually end at 11pm you’d be catching the 11:30pm train so a bus departing Union at 11:30pm would be useless. 11:45pm in that case would be needed. npower electricity meter reading Or maybe buses should depart for Kitchener from Port Credit Station, then the train could be taken from Union there or Exhibition Station without having to loop back to Union. Either way something needs to be done.

I would like to request that the metrolinx management and the ttc management team look into having a monthly printed ttc Presto Card with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card. Presto card is horrible to use for riders with disabilities, both the metrolinx management and ttc management fail to realize this.

**this is the reason why the ttc needs to ideally keep monthly printed ttc metropasses with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible indefinitely. Put metropass swipers on all the presto gates. electricity lessons 4th grade The Ttc and presto fail to realize not all riders want a plain styled presto and that there are riders that want a monthly printed pass with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card.

2. A regular presto card However the 6.00 fee needs to be a refundable 6.00 fee. The compass card in Vancouver has a refundable 6.00 fee so if you don’t need the compass card or if it breaks or if you loose it ,it’s a refundable 6.00 fee and riders aren’t left having to pay the 6.00 fee to get a replacement compass card. A refundable 6.00 fee would make presto cards more appealing. Here is the link for compass cards terms and conditions:

Otherwise the ttc and presto will loose me as a rider. Former ttc ceo Andy byford had absolutely no right forcing riders onto presto. The current ttc management and metrolinx management needs to realize that not all riders want presto and there are riders that want a monthly printed ttc metropass with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card. Or for there to be a monthly printed ttc presto card with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card.

Monthly passes and 12-month passes are available on PRESTO and give customers the same unlimited travel benefits as the Metropass. The one-time $6 issuance charge covers administrative fees for the cost of the smart card and using the system. storing electricity in water With this one-time charge, you can get a number of benefits. If you choose to register your card and set up an account, you can protect your balance in case your card is lost, stolen, or needs to be replaced – this isn’t something you can do with a Metropass. With a PRESTO account, you also have the option of setting up the Autorenew feature so that your Monthly Pass automatically renews each month.

In terms of fare inspection, the TTC has validators that are custom-built to inspect PRESTO cards. They will show whether or not the person has paid. For more information on fare inspection practices when devices are down, you would need to contact the TTC. However, it’s our understanding that enforcement practices take device outages into account. If on the off-chance there is no working device on a vehicle, a PRESTO customer would not be penalized by a fare inspector.

With a PRESTO card, customers can access all vehicles and stations with a simple tap, with transfers applied automatically from one point to another. PRESTO is in all the TTC’s subway stations and on all of its 2000+ surface vehicles, and that’s been the case since 2016. If you have a PRESTO card, you can use it across 11 transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and on OC Transpo.

Why are GO buses being removed from the York University campus? Although there is a new “regional hub” station, it is 4km away. MetroLinx is forcing over 4,000 daily riders to get off at this new station, pay again to take TTC and continue their ride to campus, through the traffic logjam that is Jane St. south of Steeles. This will add considerable travel time and will result in a bottleneck at the station when the majority of these riders all arrive at approx. the same time each morning. Repeat for the ride home. 9gag wiki This is a terrible idea – riders (students in particular) are obviously using GO because they don’t live nearby – many are already travelling well over an hour to get to the campus. To force additional travel time plus an extra fare (approx $1000/year) isn’t an acceptable plan. It doesn’t appear that students & other riders were consulted as part of community input when this decision was made. The only acceptable alternative is to continue having the buses go directly into the campus, as the TTC currently does – GO can share the space with the TTC buses – any alternative that brings the buses into campus would be better than what MetroLinx/York have decided. Regardless of whose (poorly though out) decision this was, MetroLinx & York/Seneca at York need to work together to make their student commute relatively painless and economically reasonable.