Astronaut scott kelly describes physical toll of a year in space in new memoir _ daily mail online

Scott Kelly flew in space four times, beginning with space shuttle Discovery’s trip to Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope on the STS-103 servicing mission in 1999.

On his second mission, STS-118, he crossed the threshold of the International Space Station for the first time as commander of space shuttle Endeavour.

He returned to the station for a six-month stay in 2010, commanding Expedition 26. Nine days after his mission ended last month, Kelly announced he was retiring.

Kelly lived on the ISS for 340 consecutive days, the longest for any US astronaut. Gas youtube Nine days after his mission ended last month, Kelly announced he was retiring.

The 52-year-old recently signed a deal with Alfred A. P gasol stats Knopf for ‘Endurance: My Year in Space and Our Journey to Mars,’ which will be released globally in November 2017.

‘Every day, I was exposed to ten times the radiation of a person on Earth, which will increase my risk of a fatal cancer for the rest of my life,’ he says in his new book.

‘There are few aspects of everyday life that aren’t touched by the technologies developed for space travel…but these innovations aren’t the only benefits of spaceflight,’ he says.

‘The superhuman accomplishment of innovation, perseverance, and cooperation carried out by thousands of Americans working towards one audacious goal speaks for itself.’

When the force is released, the spring stretches out. 76 gas station credit card login In the same way, the spine elongates by up to three percent while humans travel in space.

‘My career with the Navy and Nasagave me an incredible chance to showcase public service to which I am dedicated, and what we can accomplish on the big challenges of our day.’

Kelly flew in space four times, beginning with space shuttle Discovery’s trip to Basa;s Hubble Space Telescope on the STS-103 servicing mission in 1999.

On his second mission, STS-118, he crossed the threshold of the International Space Station for the first time as commander of space shuttle Endeavour.

A veteran of spaceflight, Kelly accepted the opportunity to participate in Nasa’s unprecedented yearlong space station mission, which aimed to expand the boundaries of space exploration beyond low-Earth orbit through the collection of critical data on how the human body responds to extended space missions.

He said one of the biggest problems is an unexpected sensitivity of his skin, which feels like it’s ‘burning’ whenever he sits down or walks.

‘I flew 159 days last time and when I got back, I felt like was pretty good,’ Kelly said. Gas out game directions ‘There is always a certain amount of soreness and fatigue.

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In an interview before heading home to Houston, Kelly said it was ‘amazing’ to feel the cold air when the hatch of his Soyuz capsule popped open after touchdown.

The astronaut, who has been active on Twitter throughout his stay on the International Space Station, yesterday tweeted a picture of himself boarding a plane home, alongside an image of his first sunset on Earth in a year.